Top 5 Programming Languages in 2021 for Building Mobile Apps

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Here's my top 5 programming languages you can use to build mobile apps. For more tutorials on how to build iPhone apps, make sure you subscribe and visit my site where you'll find a community of like-minded learners. Learning something new is always more fun with other people. CodeWithChris is dedicated to teaching beginners and non-programmers all about how to make an app. On the site, you'll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift, Xcode and app building from my course and materials.

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Hey code crew in this video I'll reveal my thoughts on what the top 5 programming languages!

For mobile apps are now just to burst your bubble. Right away there is no universal top language and that's because.

It largely depends on what your goals are are you looking for a job are you looking to build a app for a specific platform: Or are you trying to keep your options as open as possible.

All of these are factors to consider and we're gonna break it down in a variety of different angles in this. Upcoming list alright stay tuned hey there my name is Chris and if this is your first time here welcome to code.

With Chris where we'll teach you how to build an app even if you've never coded before before! I revealed my list I want to pose a question to you what do you think is the best programming language for building!

Mobile apps let me know by leaving. A quick comment below and on your way down there if you.

Top programming languages

Wouldn't mind please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe if you haven't already I really appreciate that. Alright let's get started with number five and number five we have dart for building cross-platform native mobile apps using? Flutter a quick note if this is your first time hearing the term cross-platform it means that you can write a single codebase and deploy.

Your app on multiple platforms such as iOS and Android awesome in theory.

But not so smooth sailing in practice now before we get too far off. Topic I'm not here to debate whether or not flutter is a good mobile cross-platform framework. The topic of this video is to evaluate and rank programming languages so let's take a look at dart and what it's good for and!

What may be not so good about it dart. Is a relatively new programming language developed by Google described as a client optimised language for building. Fast apps you can build apps on mobile on desktop and even for back-end.

So what are some pros and cons of Dart there are multiple ways to use dart for example dart comes! With a dart virtual machine which allows computers: To execute dart code or you can convert your dart code to JavaScript and use it wherever.

You can use javascript or you can compile.

What programming language to learn first

Your dart code to native code for running on Android and iOS you get the idea it's pretty versatile.

Pro number two it's designed to be fast in fact I've: Read that dart code which is converted to JavaScript can actually run faster than handwritten JavaScript. If you're wondering how this can be it's because when your handwriting or hand typing JavaScript!

You follow common patterns and structures of the language whereas when. The code is being converted from dart?

To JavaScript the dart2js compiler can make a lot of optimizations and shortcuts sacrificing the legibility and clarity. Of hen written code for speed and performance instead is it sad that: A machine can write better code than a human developer can alright so what's not so great about dart well my biggest gripe about!

Dart is that although it seems like a really cool language it doesn't seem like the first language.

I would choose to learn especially when it comes to some of the other languages that you're going.

Top programming languages 2019

To see in the rest of this video if you're in the boat where you're short on time.

And you have to choose only one programming language to invest your time into learning! Then there are a ton of other. More popular languages out there that will give you a better return on investment especially from the angle of keeping your options.

Open and finding jobs and now this brings us to language number four at number four we have.

HTML CSS and JavaScript for building mobile apps using PhoneGap okay first of all I realize that I just need? Three things and also if you want to get really technical with me technically.

HTML and CSS aren't programming languages but in my opinion. For someone who is non-technical or someone? Who just wants to get into the coding world for the first:

Time I think HTML and CSS are great - gateway languages to learn to get your feet wet and kind.

Top programming languages 2020

Of make your way into that technical. World the reason is because learning HTML usually leads to learning CSS and JavaScript because they. All play so nicely together and before you know it you're going to be full-on.

Into web development all right back to PhoneGap PhoneGap now owned by adobe allows you to build cross-platform?

Apps using HTML CSS and JavaScript the apps are essentially rendered? In web views which may not look like or perform as well as apps that are written natively for this specific platform that?

They're targeting for example using swift for iOS or using Kotlin. For Android now I'm not a huge fan of PhoneGap but the! Reason its number four here in my list is because HTML CSS and JavaScript are great languages to know how to use anything web related:

Like websites or web applications you'll come across HTML CSS and JavaScript? Now the biggest Pro in terms of learning these technologies is that.

They are so widely used that these skills.

What programming language should i learn first

Will be applicable for other uses as well not just building mobile apps Pro number two it's easy to pick? Up I think HTML and CSS are great and simple languages to start learning. For someone who is not technical or hasn't coded.

Before it's simple fun and engaging and you can start!

To see results right away even with knowing. Just a few HTML tags and now what's!

Not so good about learning these skills for mobile app development if your goal is to build a mobile. App then these skills might not be the best fit because I don't believe that PhoneGap is the best solution for building cross-platform mobile.

Apps it might work for some people if those are the skills!

That you've already had it might be a easy way to get your foot in the. Door to building mobile apps but if you're starting fresh and your goal is for building mobile apps then I think some of the other solutions.

On my list are going to be better suited before: We get into number three I just want to say that today's video?

Is sponsored by Atlantic dotnet Atlantic net provides great VPS hosting and they: Are offering a free one gig virtual server. With SSDs free block storage and free snapshots for an entire:

Year in addition to that get $25 and free credits to use. On any other services they offer try Atlanta net to develop test or launch your next project?

Ease of use is something that I like as it frees up my mind to focus on coding. I also like that they have round-the-clock:

Phone support so if I happen to get stuck I can contact them easily. So visit Atlantic dotnet slash code with Chris and enter the code. Chris to get your $25 free credit these guys are great give them a try and don't.

Forget to use the coupon code Chris to get your $25 free. Credit which is an exclusive offer to you guys now back to our list at number three we have JavaScript for building.

Cross-platform mobile apps with react native yes we're still talking about cross-platform apps single codebase deployed on multiple. Platforms well what makes PhoneGap sit on number four on our list and react native. Sit on number three well they both use popular widely used programming languages PhoneGap with HTML CSS and javascript and react native with javascript.

And they're both cross-platform technologies but this is where we need to make a distinction with react!

Native and flutter you use JavaScript and dart respectively to code once and then that code gets translated into code that is native to the platform it's. Getting deployed to this makes sure that the resulting app is fast and performs like an app written. With a native language would with PhoneGap however you're essentially just:

Building in html5 web app that gets displayed through a webview on whatever platform you're deploying to so yeah react native. Wins over PhoneGap they're in my opinion so what's good and what's not so good about react native one of the biggest benefits. Of react native over PhoneGap and flutter is that you're working with JavaScript.

One of the most popular programming languages out there even if you decide not to pursue building mobile. Apps anymore you can still use JavaScript for tons of other: Things like web apps and server-side code Pro number two working with a popular programming.

Language also means that there's a lot of support in a huge library. Of reusable code modules and packages in terms.

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