The Truth about app development – how coding has changed in 2021.

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Ex-Google TechLead explains why apps and websites are so hard to succeed. In today's era, independent apps and websites have seen a decline. Rather, I think "code" plays its strongest role when holistically integrated with social media. That is, code must be social-media first. Please share the video with other people you know, I'd love to get more thoughts here on how you think the landscape of code is changing.

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Oh hey good timing you're just in time for coffee time with your host ex-google X Facebook.

Tech lead today I wanted to talk about the truth about programming and this is something. That's been bothering me a lot about programming lately I see a lot of young people going! In the wrong direction and I wanted to give you a warning about this.


I believe that the landscape of coding is changing so what do I mean about that well I think! That building your own apps and websites it just doesn't quite work that well anymore it used to work well but if you take! A look at the landscape of internet usage a lot of people.

Just aren't willing to install apps anymore? And as for web usage more and more of it is consolidating towards these larger social networks like YouTube. Twitter Instagram and even Facebook most of the younger generation aren't on that anymore don't use that garbage but you may see people using.

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Tik-tok or snapchat quick pause thanks to our sponsor? Curiosity stream a subscription streaming service that offers thousands of documentaries and nonfiction titles from some of the world's best filmmakers including.

Exclusive originals check them out across the stream com slash tech lead if you take a look at how people.


Are using the internet desktop website usage has dropped a lot and then people are really just. Surfing the net on their phones on the phones people are really just using a few apps like 99% of mobile usage is only for these? Top 10 apps and then half of Americans.

Download 0 apps per month what are these top 10 apps people are using well YouTube is like 35 to 40 percent of mobile. App traffic then you have like Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Facebook and a bunch of other stuff but these are essentially these large social.

Silicon valley

Network platforms so in my mind you can really imagine the bulk of Internet traffic as just people. On their phones watching YouTube videos or checking? Their Instagram or Twitter or Facebook social media networks which sort of all leads me to this conclusion?

That if you were to go out there and you build the small little app. Or website very few people are going:


To want to leave their social networks on their phones to go check out your site they might check it out once or twice but then. They're going to go back to watching YouTube videos or checking their instagrams.

So for example if you were to create dog jobs calm a website for dogs to get jobs well number one.

Software development

A lot of people are going to be on mobile. And they may want in that when was the last time you bookmarked.

A website on your phone number two a lot of the people. Are busy using their social networks and they don't really want to be bothered!


To go register on your website and then bookmark it and go back to over and over! You're probably going to want a nap the problem is building a nap these days I think is pretty: Difficult because most people spend ninety nine percent of their time in the top.

Ten apps if you were to try to build an app you're gonna have to be on Android and iOS you're gonna have. To learn these two platforms at minimum and then getting people to try to install this app and keep it on their phone and revisit. It and make it a high quality.

Learn to code

Experience it just really requires a team at this point which is why I think that the mobile apps business it's pretty much! Better left for these larger tech companies that are able to afford having hundreds or thousands of people working on these. Apps alright so let me show you some of these statistics that I've been referring to number one desktop.

Internet usage is falling and mobile internet usage is rising you can. See desktop internet is about 2.2 hours per day and then mobile usage is about 3.1 hours per day so that. Tells you most people are using their phones and then we see here mobile users are spending.

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87% of their time in apps versus just 13% on the web and in fact there's another statistics here that shows. That more than half of smartphone users in the u.s. download 0 new mobile apps per month so even though.

People are spending a lot of time on apps they're not actually download the new apps well which apps are people spending their time. In then and this was the statistic that: Surprised me the most 97% of app usage is actually just in the top 10 apps and of that.

Software engineering

50% is spent in just one app which are these top apps. Well according to sensor tower is Tech Talk YouTube Instagram.

Whatsapp messenger Facebook Netflix Google Maps you've got Gmail Spotify Chrome Twitter Pinterest Amazon snapchat so it's essentially these large social network platforms. And my concern is when you go out and you create your own app or independent website you're trying to take. People off of these incredibly sticky social networks where people enjoy spending their.


Time they don't want to leave these platforms and that's sort of evidenced by most people downloading. Xero apps per month evidenced by people spend there 87% of time in apps instead.

Of 13% on the web visiting your potential website overall that doesn't mean that coding? Is useless actually on the contrary coding is more. Relevant than ever before it is absolutely essential but our traditional concept of how to apply that clothing!

Computer science

For example by building an app or website that appears to be no longer as effective anymore in today's ecosystem. So where does that leave us well first of all you:

Need to understand that it didn't used.

To be this way apps need to go viral in order to succeed so in the old days you were able to launch like an iPhone app. Or a facebook app Twitter app and it was able: To go viral and then you can start getting a lot of users and then that would be financially viable.

For you or you could be creating. A website and back in the day a lot of the people.

Didn't know how to build websites if you built one it was actually a pretty special thing. And people would go to it and they would revisit. It over and over so these days how do you go viral what goes viral well if everybody is on YouTube or instagrams.

In my opinion you need to go viral on these platforms in order to launch your software business. And not only that you want to repeatedly be going viral on these platforms if at all possible so the way. I see it you need to understand the role that software plays.

In this entire ecosystem where does it fit in where can you leverage his strengths do you. Just create a brand new app or website well I don't think that's really playing to the strengths I think what we need these. Days is a very strong landing page where people:

Go to your website it looks beautiful professional you make your value statement.

Right there and you can do one of two things number one you can just! Try to make the sale right there maybe you're offering some service.

To or game and you just try to make the sale right there or number two you can try to collect their email. Address do some email marketing later on and try to make the sale that way but the fundamental. Shift is that the software is now the product and it needs to have a clear value statement right away you're no longer trying.

To create a sticky destination website that people come back over and over again it doesn't really matter if people bookmark your website anyway they. Probably won't in fact you can probably assume that most user behavior: Is so glued to these social networks like YouTube and Instagram that people just don't really want to go anywhere.

Else they may visit your website for say one minute and then they will never come back so within that short. Amount of time you need to show as much value as you can and actually if you. Know this I'm also using this YouTube channel!

As a way to gain awareness for this business and if you don't have a YouTube channel you can also go find other influencers to! Partner with an offer affiliate partnerships with and by the way I'm also offering affiliate partnerships.

For my program if any of you are influencers and want to help promote my stuff let me know there'll. Be a link in the description below so overall the truth about programming is that I believe that traditional.

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