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Hello hello can you hear me is oh everybody we're done yes oh is slowly taken foreign. Check it out oh is is okay when i is oh oh oh ready to explore right up in the sky i need you.

To listen i need you to hear and. Don't show anything from town we will fly above the sky we are the here we are here videos.

Yay i've been flying from town to town london to simon i've! Been all around the globe trying to protect your soul oh with my rhythm come on me oh is like. I want a video foreign me me i survived.

Right now it's friday baby me i can't really right now but nowadays we rapping to stay relevant. I'm guessing that if we can make some wishes out of airplanes then maybe oh maybe i'll go back to the day before:

The politics that we call a rap game and back when ain't nobody listen to.

My nigga this shit so here i outta am oh oh is like shooting. Stars there's a million other people with the same stuff you really think you're different man you must be kidding think you're?

Gonna hit it but you just don't get it it's impossible. It's not probable you're responsible too many obstacles you gotta stop it yo you gotta take it slow. You can't be a pro don't waste your.

Time no more who the fuck are you to tell me what to do i don't give a damn if you say you disapprove i'm gonna!

Make my move i'm gonna make it soon and i'll do it because that's what i wanna fucking do cause all these opinions and all. These positions they come in in millions they blocking. Your vision but no you can't listen that shit is all fiction.

Cause you hold the power as long as you're dreaming are you just gonna take that don't tell me you believe that are you. Just gonna take that will you fucking fight back holy fucking! Fight shit you ain't gonna make it you ain't never ever gonna break it you can never beat them and they're.

Better than you face it thinking that.

They're giving them you're not like a straight.

Kid no they don't give a damn you got what i'm saying i'm not fucking playing i'll keep it to you straight man there's too many: Others and you're not that great man stop what you're saying stop what you're making everybody:

Here knows that you're just freaking out i don't wanna hear it anymore i don't wanna hear it anymore all these fucking thumbs?

Say you're not what i need anymore i'm about to shut the motherfucking door on all you poor ass haters with your hands. In the clouds talking out loud so proud you better shoot your goddamn.

Mouth before i do more speak out it's about.

Are you just gonna take that make them take it all back don't tell me you believe that are you just gonna take that. Oh will you fucking fight back track so oh yeah she's got some nice long hair and you notice she's a magic.

All the boys there can't help it it's a habit clothes! That she wears short skirt and a jacket i just wanna get her all alone on a mattress i just wanna have it i just gotta.

Have it rumors all around say her body is fantastic. All natural not a piece of fur is plastic.

Head to her toes yeah they say that she's alive yeah the whispers all around. Say she has a reputation don't believe it till i see it so i want a demonstration and i've always learned it better with a hands-on?

Education so i need a private session. If you get what i am saying and they say that she's not easy no she's really complicated.

But that only makes it better and it's got me so fixated and i'm not the type to wait around! I've never hesitated but she's got me captivated so the game i'm gonna play it yeah she's got baby show me hey i heard!

You like to get away i heard you like to stay out late i heard you.

Had a couple boyfriends i heard they.

Didn't treat you right i heard you're. Hated by your girlfriends cause all the guys want you tonight yeah they say she's too hot they say she's too cold where she came from. Nobody really knows they say she looks young but says she but i'm not too sure that this girl is a blessing.

She's got the devil's eyes and they'll cut you like a weapon these rumors.

Baby show me baby show me i got a buddy you have one shot on stage which you got to play. Generic drops for days still the people rage am i not insane can you stop and explain why these. Drops are so lame is money buying you fame i'm fucking on i'm killing it with this song you haters can sing along or go back where:

You belong yeah there's nothing wrong with giving up moving on cause shit till my bones collapse. Till the roof comes off till the lights go out till my legs.

Give out can't shut my mouth till the smoke clears out and my heart relax: Imma rip this shit till my bones collapse there's nothing wrong with the way that she's working.

That i just want that body bad come on baby bring it back i'm.

So gone faded off a 30 rack she's so wrong like a light switch. Flirting back there's nothing wrong with the way that she's working that i just want that.

Body bad come on baby bring it i've been waiting quite a long time for y'all to hear me it's about damn time. You put some stock into me you're either sponsoring.

Me you're fucking bothering me and the fact is we just practice on this madness that is chances our advancement? Is enhancing and this new expansion is like a mission comes up till the lights go out till my legs give out can't shut! My mouth till the smoke clears out.

And my heart perhaps imma rip this shit till. My bones collapse till the roof comes off till the lights go out till my legs!

Give out can't shut my mouth till the smoke clears out and my heart corrects! Imma rip this shit till my bones collapse!

Wow so is knife so so thank. You cake it's a turtle how much? Shit so oh the show so always do it on my own so i gotta get through it and the.

Only thing i know is to love what i'm doing never give up never slow till i finally prove. It never listen to the nose i just wanna keep moving keep my head up when i act head. Up that's a fact never looking back imma keep myself?

On track keep my head up staying strong always ain't really what it seems oh i want the real stuff i'm sick of being. Screwed feel my own adrenaline yeah i do just what i do and i hope you let me in let me i'm grateful oh yeah oh yeah. Oh uh so so uh no fear i'm standing right here eyes pier with my mind clear never.

Look rare only yup never down off the ground till i'm found hear the sound? Listen to me now as the beat.

Pounds every answer my effort pouring out so you never have a doubt do you like me now am i good: Enough now should i get more loud till you hear the fucking. Sound oh no i'm losing my shit again having.

To fit again man i'm forgetting when i used to have some friends i used to play pretend we all grow up and then. Hating my phone and trends i'm about to blow my head nobody?

Knows i'm dead that's all you got write. Your own story you control the plot yeah one shot that's all you got could drop that now with a fucking: Blood clock yeah one shot give it all.

You got and never back down no i'm never gonna stop yeah one shot give. It all you got and never back down no i'm never gonna stop it i know that i'm a little low the people close?

To me already know that's me that's how it's supposed to be cause nobody's perfect you need something to work towards that's.

Worth it you need something that's worth more you deserve it find! A thing that you love then preserve it if you're?

Heading down the wrong path and reverse it put your head down and damn it start working cause we all need a little bit of hope to help? Us cope as we go down this road on our own never knowing where it goes always wonder if we're. Close always wondering if we chose the right fork in the road who knows you don't i don't is everybody stoned i've grown!

Cause i'm sick of mediocrity where's the quality everything's about quantity ironically we feed our minds constantly but don't think? Logically one shot that's all you got take it right now before you get lost yeah one shot that's all you?

Got write your own story you control the plot yeah one shot that's. All you got could drop that now with a fucking stop i've been okay i've been okay okay yeah i've been okay.

I've been alright i've been messing around with this girl for a minute she just came down.

In the summer for a visit we just right now in the moment so we live it i've been okay i've been alright. I've been getting down with this girl for a minute moving all around with this girl gonna miss it living right?

Now for the memories we know how to have a good time we drinking all night in the summer when. The air's nice every day is a new life we live it's so right skinny dipping.

By the pool side we know how to have a good time we're drinking all night in the summer. When the air's nice every day late nights.

Late shows ladies in the front row wanna take her back home tour bus all alone.

Added me on snapchat yeah kinda like. That sending me your fine ass helping with the time pass bright lights space notes always on the toll road.

Back to back we stole shows this will never get old all the? Different time zones need to pay back my loans cause the girls i fly for always wanna find more i've been okay i've been. Alright i've been messing around with this girl for a minute:

She just came down in the summer for a visit we just right.

Now in the moment so we live it i've been okay i've been alright i've been getting down with. This girl for a minute moving all around with this girl gonna?

Miss it living right now for the memories.

We know how to have a good time we're drinking all night in the summer when the air's nice every day.

Is a new life hand me the tequila cause i'm feeling like a mexican. Chasing with caffeine now i can feel it my adrenaline i'll be drinking doing.

This until the day i must die never gonna. Doubt it i know how to have a good time when it comes to life you gotta balance. All the ethics and take a risk or you will miss and pass away regretting.

It i just wanna look back and remember all the good times fill my life with memories of late nights and some good! Starting stage big crowd everybody get loud backstage in the south up north in the clouds losing every bit of doubt as we overcome? The drought we just partied so loud.

Cause we made it somehow tank top snap back yeah we run it like that to make cash yeah.

We never look back g6 in the sky yeah we like to fly by lambo so tight yeah. We like to drive by no can't keep me down lost my thoughts feel like i could drown no no can't have it now buried so deep i'm below? The ground i go where i hear the sound all on my own i can.

Feel it now unknown so my heart pounds cause i don't understand what happens now oh no i'd rest in peace happens. Next unprepared so you feel regret i'm upset cause i wasted time i sat at the base when i should have climbed: I stopped with the chase i forgot the grind i feel out of place empty inside oh god i'd never be won't amount to anything.

Had me doubting everything you only knew a lesser me or. Now my enemy wish you never met with me work until the death of me so i become i'm. Not the one that let me down i'm looking at myself?

Right now right now the mirror cause i need help everybody. On the top got the same sound everything!

I'm about to drop nigga name now yeah y'all don't really kamikaze ain't nobody ever gonna. Ever stop me and i know that i could be a little cocky that's the byproduct of hard work.

No it's not free i'm at a top speed i think you lost me do not cross. Me i keep dropping all these hits and i know that they watching they keep showing.

Up in my place always knocking knock knock bitch i'm standing right here been over three years.

And then you just got here man get me a beer and open up the mirrors let me show.

You now what you've been missing for years got the premiere i could take. A boy's name and smear or take it up again and end your career like it when i'm all up in there i'm going.

To win it like i win stacks every single that i'm in man has been fat these haters.

All get whacked when i spit mags these haters all get bit in the pit fast you better get cracked. So you better move back y'all don't.

Want to play with a pro not today imma make you wish you were gone in my a you gonna. Be my bitch be my pawn when i play you gonna be my bitch!

Take my palm to the face you know why me bitch. When i'm on fucking stage you ain't never gonna get me to be chained i go insane you can't detain? This beat yo when i came to stay cause this whole fucking game now yeah y'all.

Don't really know y'all don't really know y'all don't really know y'all don't really know while you and me repeat this bittersweet heat is suffocating.

Waiting and always hesitating kryptonite desires set my heart of fire set my heart so while you and me repeat. This bittersweet heat is suffocating waiting and always: Hesitating kryptonite desires set my heart a fire so touch is ah she's:

Got me upside down again just like a roller coaster never want it over now and again. Again she be flirting back and now i'm feeling so addicted i could go another round never!

Reach my limit think she got me falling now yeah she's got me upside down again just like a rollercoaster never. Want it over now and again you got me feeling closer time is moving slower now again i don't.

Want to get older i messed her by my shoulder!

Now and again just like a roller coaster. My stomach's turning over yeah i sit and pray yeah every day yeah that when she's looking at me her feelings: Are just the same she lights me up yeah just like a flame yeah all kinds of space let's hide away no time.

To waste yeah like a merry-go-round i'm feeling off the ground you got me feeling closer time is moving slower now again. I don't wanna get older unless you're by my shoulder now and again just like a roller. Coaster my stomach's turning over yeah yeah everybody knows that i'm breaking down everybody knows.

I ain't faking now everybody knows my heart's vacant now yeah she hates me now i made mistakes but now i don't. Ever want to be alone i don't. Really ever feel at home on my own in the zone that's?

The only way i know feeling low about to blow back up i won't ever let the doubt creep in gotta.

Pop a couple more aspirin i don't think i'll ever let you in easier to break it off best. Friends i don't really understand couldn't even hear it's so me outside.

I don't wanna break down i always feel. Like i can break now but i never let it take me to that place now i won't ever let my thoughts:

Get away now i got better things to do picking fate now i just want to be the best call me great?

Now i don't know if i'm okay or insane! Now i remember better days on the playground when i can find my way even when i'm facing down i fight.

Even when i don't know what is right i'm a bigger side and i'ma:

Take pride i will decide my fate and i will never let them tell. Me who i am if you try to shape me i'll be damned planted on the ground is where i stand.

Never give up that was always the plan so so so oh it's hard i've been scarred from now fighting. Waking up stomach is starved i keep grinding 6 a.m life isn't hard i keep reciting. It feels like i might fall apart i keep trying sun's coming up and the glare is so blinding i'm sick of hearing?

And seeing all of the people whining you want something good then you better go put the timing. You get what you pay for when time is money we climbing! It's prime time it's my time i got it i'll be just fine my mind you can't.

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