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I'm walking alone the streets are empty the only thing i can see is by step the clock is sticking but there's. No time for reasons i've been flying from town to town we are here we are here ready to explore.

Right up in the sky i need you to listen i need you to hear and don't show anything i've been flying from town to we are heroes. We are here heroes tonight now now oh i've been flying from town to town from london! To taiwan i've been all around the globe trying to protect your soul i don't care.

What i want i get what i need every single. Day i'm heading off to my dream and i get everything that i damn well please i don't give a. Damn if you are listening to me cuz i run it i'm the only one that really wanted it i'm the only.

Музыка для тренировок

One that's really got it i'm just being honest i'm just doing everything i promise.

Cause i want it better enough that i'm gonna make it as an artist and i:

Know i'm not the smartest and i know i'm not the largest. But i promise you that i'm gonna be the one to work the hardest.

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Cause i promise you that i'm just getting started and i promise you that my skills are getting sharper so imma get charted can't.

Be guarded nah i don't wanna get retarded get the party started yeah get the party started. Yes let me get up on it yeah bitch.

You got me fucked up i don't know what's up pour that shit in my cup we bout to turn up crank this? Shit up so loud sounds like we're sold out in and i feel like there's uncertainty and urgency. To find out what you want to be but honestly which constantly stop and breathe!

Музыка для качалки

Oh failure ain't an option so i'd be cautious i hope that you're! Watching don't try to stop this work until i'm nauseous cause i will not quit no because i want this don't try.

To stop this don't try to stop me shit did you learn anything really worth anything. 200 grand later and we're not even working.

Student loans worth more than what we're earning best lesson i learned? Is to keep on searching find your true passion and get to work and better take action you end up serving yeah.


As a fact so you better clean. Up no fact so you better grow yourself a sack until the world niggas suck on that. Don't come back pack your bags you take your trip and don't relax you hit the switch and just attack:

You find your niche and make some rags out wake up wake up man this life. Is a blur everyone's got an opinion so which one you prefer cuz i'll give you one that's.

Coming from an entrepreneur don't give up on your twin it is what you deserve.

Музыка для фитнеса

Failure ain't an option so i'd be cautious i hope that you're watching don't.

Try to stop this work until i'm nauseous cause! I will not quit no because i want this: Don't try to stop me ain't don't try to stop me go don't try to stop me now so um me stranded.

In the open dried out tears of sorrow lacking. All emotion staring down the barrel waiting. For the final gates to open tomorrow following the light that it says hmm so so yes.

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You have one shot on stage which you got to play generic! Drops for days still the people rage am i not insane can you stop and explain why these drops are so lame as money buying you fame i'm fucking on. I'm killing it with this song you haters can sing along.

Or go back where you belong yeah there's nothing.

Wrong with giving up moving on cause. I took your girl she can't help but shit till my bones collapse till the root comes off till my bones collapsed.

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Shit come come on baby bring it back to hear me it's about damn. Time you put some stock into me you're either sponsoring me you're fucking bothering me and the fact is we just. Practice all this madness that is why our status is our advancement is this shit till my bones till the root comes off till the lights go out till my.

Legs get out can't shut my mouth till the smoke freeze out. And my heart compacts i'm gonna rip this shit till my bones collapse wow i don't listen. To the haters man i treat them like.

The enemy had a couple traitors but now they know the penalty i'll tell them see you later fam i do not need this jealousy when: I throw down the way we don't yeah we like. To go hard yeah it's our time to shine show that's the kind of state of mind you gotta combine with hard work and time.

Music for rocking

You gotta climb to the top don't let yourself drop till your heart stops let this beat.

Rock got a new clock and a new stock for this new rock just let your mind loose from the new. Stuck drunk off the goose life regretfully i'd rather work non-stop what they call incessantly than what's a hard job just.

To live life pleasantly already god lost in my mind not a fantasy so stop dropping pop off your balls: I got squat i'm so let me break break break it all down for you i ain't never. Giving up now i'm never slowing down cause.

In my own section and they still disconnected cause their mind's. Been infected and they're filled with objection to filled for recollection so we're losing all attention they don't know.

I'm in contention cause i'm gaining their attention cause i'm making. A connection lyricism and aggression got me feeling.

My ascension in my passion my profession i'm attacking! My obsession taking action and progressing ah i go off on the enemy that's what makes them scared.

Of me make my plans carefully then execute them daringly they say i yeah but that's.

Why i'm effective see you can't predict my tendencies i offer no transparency.

Some people think i'm i'm never gonna lost till i'm one above second and my thoughts at the top but my mind: Stay present don't let your dreams break it all down taking that break it all down for you i ain't never? Giving up you know i'm gonna take the tape taking that crown from you i ain't worried i said maybe?

Put a time change and i know it sounds dumb but i feel the same way i wanna be the one that.

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