Лучшая музыка для тренировок в зале 2021.Тренажерный Зал.Тренировки Мотивация

Лучшая музыка для тренировок в зале 2020.Тренажерный Зал.Тренировки Мотивация

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Серия музыки для спорта от нашего канала Dustday.Лучшая музыка для тренировок в зале 2020.Только самая лучшая и проверенная музыка для спорта.VOL4.

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Uh so uh ah food my m a day day be so bye so do do um happy.

Uh oh me oh so oh um my this is do do so so do do so so my so you hey me foreign. This is all of this lifestyle drop yes blue. Okay yes all of this lifestyle uh foreign hey uh so uh so.

Do so my uh hmm so oh oh uh get to the lost let's go oh um oh is uh like this three times. Is this so so so so good it's all about humanity it's all about humanity it's all about it's all about humanity it's all.

About humanity it's all about you now so do hello foreign oh come on oh yes foreign. So touch can cause explosions uh is yeah um that keeps us floating as we fly above the stars surprised break. My heart i'll never walk this road again tumbling steps where things change forever.

There's no regrets only the past will i change take me down you won't break me we lose control i won't loving.

Me take me down you won't break me i'm too strong keep saying it wrong i'll play.

It alone but i will never be a victim big oh now oh oh oh oh do i'm and battle scars but:

It always some things never change never change don't make me breathe: Again something's never changed i stopped asking.

For forgiveness cause you should know only fool's trade were the angels fear to go but you keep trying. To get too close to save myself by turning into stone so save. Your judgment cause you just don't know but some things never.

Change never change they say i should feel guilty and but they're so delicate and so mundane and they keep coming like a moth to!

Flame oh some things never change never change you'll break your back to make me feel make again breathe again something's never changed you? Make me you dance me up you make me laugh baby super fast what does love feel like.

What does love feel like you're the. Best you make my heart beat beat super fast bed so so oh so so but there's.

No way to slow it don't worry if it's dangerous us we've come so far but it wasn't. Without a fight we share these scars but they won't keep us out of sight we're all dreamers so take.

This right on tonight is know that life is wow here we are a million stars floating.

Over our will fall is oh we could be flying freely safe and sound will fall dancing down.

It's a turtle don't you move huh sure so so so so do so i've come to the conclusion just see i to get out. Of this they'll do fine without me the chemicals in my head don't work as yours let me go under.

Them that means i never wanna hold you. Back i wanna give you every chance to make it to make it i'm afraid if. I love collides you'll leave me alone tonight cause:

I'm changing and i'm breaking is this all over i'm scared! To ask these questions these pieces but i will.

Only climb the would you help me and i'll stand against all enemies. I'll be a superhero here i'll feel you yes oh hello when is crashing down oh is down smarter that's. What you want to come oh oh so what you want to do foreign so foreign foreign could.

They keep up with this keep up with the role food could they keep up with this keep up with the. Role oh oh foreign hey um breaking on i got too much energy now i'm higher.

Like a killer you can only pray for me i go harder.

Maybe after you smoke all my fucking shit there's no water and no color right but. The lesson will never be known everybody can trust me um keep on your mind bitch everybody controls me everyone.

Controls me i may never be on a samsung. Phone commercial but i always let you!

Know when i got some purple and you don't care i move overseas even though your sister is police. You always light one with me the closet was filled up with about 28 pounds clients stacking!

Their bills up wouldn't be fronting a mouse i was getting to work and the work was worth more than jason. Worth the perk of the work the hooks and verses became my first priority in other words.

Not working was working i would drive out to colorado where urban was perfect sure i was nervous i would head out with: About like 50 some dollars my dad's whole route sweat it out like no doubt i'm about right? To make enough in two days pay 2 months adventures just to make a drive on tuesday no dude i would tell chase we can't!

Get how do you wait only driving?

Daylight get a hotel if it's too late wholesale i would move weight no sale to a new face.

No trail got a new sale i would do well and a crew cake. Hey and the money was crazy got my cake up on my guard down i fucking got lazy you can in the barbie shop parking.

Lot six in the eve so let me flip it real quick i ain't.

Fixing to leave my clients out front and he'd be buying that skunk mark i've known you for two years and they. Lied to you once i said that swelling good but can't. Be out a couple of pounds so i don't doubt you but:

If he bounces and i'm out a stupid amount i'm feeling wary and i don't feel right. I gotta sit out what if he's carrying pulls it out and fires a couple of rounds don't you trust me he said! He said he'll be back in five five five ten ten fifteen two twenty what the fuck i keep on waiting.

He coming back with money what the? Hell i'm supposed to do now that i'm sure they grind i don't.

Know calling my supplier like oh hey man one day you're up one. Day you're down the life of a drug dealer a boy? There you go fish mouth this is my goon and this message is sponsored by the illuminati if you're listening to this go to bit dot:

L y slash the scramble king that's b i t dot l y: Slash b s c r u m p l e k i n g i said you better watch what you're doing cause.

I ain't gonna stop when i'm moving i'm headed to the top i'ma do it i'm headed.

To the top i'ma prove it and baby girl i like what you're doing your body's out of sight when you're moving. You look just like my type so let's do it you know i'll. Treat you right let me prove it and i could go all night!

I'm sick of being nothing all right i'm gonna be something i'll fight with every breath trust me i'mma. Be the one at the top you can't touch me i need to find somebody like me who i'm the type. Of dude who is headed for greatness i'm the type of dude who could really make changes.

Cause i'm the type of dude that's becoming contagious i'm the type. Of dude i will always be ageless. I'm the type of dude that will always feel shameless i'm the type of dude dangerous imma take it now no you're never.

Gonna break me i'ma stay loud in the face of the hazy imma speak out. Take the muzzle off my face breathe.

Out of my mouth every word that will make me never had a doubt of the life that i'm making? Never had a doubt of the fight i'll be facing never had a doubt of the nights i'll be aching life is all. About having i'll bury you six feet deep now and you better stay down get the hell out of my way now it doesn't matter what.

You say now i'm gonna take hold of fate now i'm the type of dude who will not remain?

Nameless i'm the type of dude who is headed for greatness i'm the type. Of dude who could really make changes cause.

I'm the type of dude that's becoming contagious. I'm the type of druid that will always be ageless i'm the type of dude that will always feel shameless i'm the type of dude that.

They say is fucking heinous cause i'm the type of dude that you know is fucking dangerous okay. Yeah let's go yeah i said what's. Up what's up y'all gonna step up step up i'm the best as they come call me blessed.

I'm the one speaking raps like the sun fire blast down my tongue staying forever young? If you play me you're done look out i'm about to make it i ain't.

Faking what was breaking them these bands.

Have been waiting patiently to see me take it i think that it's time to snake and call me drink the church i'm taking. It lately i've been on some different shit i'm making beats filling seats man it's fucking liz and i proceed.

With my degree in making fire heads i think i got just what you need girl try yourself she drank the kool-aid. I could see it on your lips she wanna. Party with the best shit grab a fit i'm tripping!

Hard on this beat my mind's lit back and forth from what i want and what i'm gonna. Get i keep my head down grind up moving. On i keep my mind clear as i write every song nothing's off limits.

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