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Приветствуем Вас дорогие друзья на нашем канале🔥Музыка для тренировок. Вы можете оказать добровольную благотворительную финансовую помощь. На развитие ютуб канала для гостей, зрителей и постоянных подписчиков. 🔴Яндекс.Деньги 410018222157733. 🔴Биткоин 1NR7Rd9VJ1vgjwCdo3bZ8LRTaN3iyygM3Y. Все права принадлежат их соответствующим владельцам. Если какой-либо владелец трека/фона, используемого в этом видео недоволен, пожалуйста сообщите нам. Мы предоставим вам соответствующие лицензии или удалим видео, если Вы этого потребуете.

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Do do so you so to uh this stranded in the open dried out tears of sorrow lacking all emotion staring. Down the barrel waiting for the final gates to open tomorrow following the light that it says. Me you jack it up is is with uh is is uh hmm never gonna make it you're:

Not good enough there's a million other people with the same stuff you really. Think you're different and you must be kidding. Think you're gonna hit it but you just don't get it it's impossible it's not probable you're responsible too many obstacles!

You gotta stop it yo you gotta take it slow you can't be a pro don't waste your time no more who the fuck are you to tell! Me what to do i don't give a damn if you say you disapprove i'm gonna make.

My move i'm gonna make it soon and i'll do it because that's. What i wanna fucking do cause all these opinions and all these positions they come in in millions they blocking your vision! But no you can't listen that shit is all fiction cause you hold the power as are you just gonna take:

That make them take it all back don't tell me you believe that are you just gonna take that will you fucking. Fight back it you ain't never ever gonna break it you can never beat them and!

They're better than you face it thinking that they're giving!

Them you're not like a straight kid no they don't give. A damn you got what i'm saying i'm.

Музыка для тренировки

Not fucking playing i'll give it to you straight. Man there's too many others and you're?

Not that great man stop what you're saying stop what you're making everybody here knows that you're. Just freaking out i never gonna make it are you just gonna take that make them take it all back don't tell me you believe.

That are you just gonna take that oh will you fucking fight back oh really fucking fight oh yeah i just: Wanna be the greatest everybody knows my name shit i might have this whole: Fucking game list spitting with the same wit and i'm gonna be famous ain't nobody able to delay this.

Coming up i had a vision to make it never wanted to be nothing always: Wanted to play shit in class always wondering why i love this shit how.

The hell am i different if we all know the same shit i never let them tell me it's about me keep my head down let my mouth: Speak they surround me they all about the cloud. See where the crowd be every time i speak loudly they more about.

Me men you know i got a bounty on these lousy ass haters that surround me so they doubt me they!

Don't know nothing about me still their mouths free i'ma change that soon better? Watch out now man i just want to be famous yeah and i'm not playing any more games either put me on the charts so i'll. Put you up in flames better recognize art cause i don't forget names should.

Gym motivation

Have seen me from the start coming.

At you like a train think i'm about to fall apart every single fucking day.

Seeing all these damn stars with my well-deserved fame and i spit these! Gold bars while they spitting now shit man i give this shit heart but it gives me back pain i wanna be a spectacle! They skeptical but man i got the chemical exceptional?

I do it all intentional professional so i can make a decimal incredible i'm. Not thinking man they're saying that i've gone insane i'm not ever gonna make it cause the game has changed i'm not good enough man no that's not okay:

Tell me that shit again and i'll stop man i just wanna be famous. Wake up you got some shit to do it's 6 a.m i don't care you got some shit to prove cause right now you ain't got.

Nothing that big to lose so get your ass to work and don't you. Dare hit soon can't stop this i'm obnoxious and i'm honest and nervous with promise made monstrous i'm conscious. But i'm not just think i've lost it i've got it spitting all this.

Still i'm not i've got this i will not quit man i'm all in ballin on a budget man i'm stalling. Crawling cause i'm nothing but i'm all in calling i'll be something yeah i'ma.

Лучшая музыка для тренировок микс

Get it now you could leave if you don't like it say it out loud you believe!

It you can bite this keep my head down and i keep: On going timeless make it somehow i believe it when i write this and i just wanna.

Man i just wanna be famous so on my hip and i'm live i'm not afraid.

Of getting physical all these different chemicals are fucking up my visuals floods on my hands got slaughtered you don't wanna? Follow me lexus yep rules is fucking boys luxury uh me stranded.

In the open dried out tears of sorrow?

Lacking all emotion staring waiting for the final gates is so boom that fuck all the money and fame bruh i'ma keep doing my thing. Yeah i'll be yo like i'm drake yeah drop the word lil wayne yeah you know that i'm here to stay yeah i'm just a sucker. For pain yeah killing these beasts like i'm dre oh little.

Gucci if you want something like fame yeah then go do something okay yeah but fuck all the money.

Музыка в спортзал

And fame yeah that shit is so overplayed yeah i know i'm deep in the game yeah? But i'ma keep doing my things when i? Start i can't stop hitting with the heart off till they fucking back up get him in a headlock.

Now i'm seeing a red vlog i just wanna get loud one minute hit them chat for a minute go all out to my limits getting! Naked they just sold out every ticket no drive man i swim.

And i'll drown when i'm in it cause i'm found! Every vision be coke on a mission. So you better listen imma end up winning.

Every game every end and every word that i'm spinning finally got em all living: Every dream every image they can see it now.

And get it trust me a minute i can show you the ticket if you want it then go get it take a swing yeah: I hit it that's right don't forget it always. Win it never quit spin fight oh i got them coming at me all angles?

Ever since they heard my music wanna tangle i could feel them try to grab me by the ankles. I can hear em all start to say my name oh but it's not about. The money or the faint no no it's all about me just doing my thing yo cause i'm loving what i do and i won't.

Change no i feel blessed i could do this every day yo pop pop pop a couple shots and now i'm fucked. Up in the bathroom got em going off and now they listen like a classroom gotta top em up because i told em all they have?

To always poppin don't let anybody ever try to change my got them coming. At me all angles ever since they heard my music. Wanna tangle i could feel them try to grab me by the ankles i can hear em all.

Start to say my name mo but it's not about the money or the fame no no it's. All about me just doing my thing yo cause. I'm loving what i do and i won't change no i feel blessed.

I can do this every day yo living every day like it's my last day cause you have. To any given day could be your final chance to act you got only one life live it right don't hold back do exactly!

What you like you gotta fight for.

Your chance you gotta rest in peace rest in peace when you pass you best believe i feel blessed.

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