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Лучшая Музыка для Тренировок Mix 2020 🔥 Тренажерный Зал Тренировки Мотивация Музыка. ▽ Follow Gym Motivation. ▶️Follow Videos by ANLLELA SAGRA. ▶️Follow Magic Records. All rights belong to their respective owners. If any owner of track/background used in this mix is unhappy, please do not report us, take your time to contact us. We will provide you proper credits or remove the video if you demand.

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Walking alone streets empty the only the Nargis is the home soon I'm getting stronger step-by-step from say you tonight we will we are now you. Die ready to explore the sky I need you to you know Joe and tonight feeling.

Now from town to town from London to Simon I've been honor on the go Giants you could say you're. So I don't know what's up there ain't an option so why be cautious I hope that you're watching don't.

Try to stop this work until I'm nauseous because I will not quit no because:

I want this don't try to stop you hit the. Switch an option so why be cautious I hope that you're watching don't try to stop.

This I'm working till I'm nauseous because I will not quit no because. I want this to stop dried out tears? Oh shit whoever starts on stage which you got to play you to never!

Drop the days still the people range am I not in saying can you stop and explain why these traps so famous money buy a new baby but. Fuck you know I'm killing it with this song you a Miskin. Singer longer go back where you belong yeah there's.

Nothing wrong with giving up moving on to side crypto girl the problem she can't help but sing this song - the lights: Go out to my legs can shut my mouth to the smokers. Out and my i'ma rip this shit to my bones about comes up to the.

Night's go out to my legs get out he's shut my mouth to the smoke clears out Emma phones collapse. Fading up the dirty rag she's so gone like a night sweets burning back there's nothing.

Wrong with the way that she's working that I just:

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает

Want that body bad come on baby back dating. Up the thirty rack she's so one like a Knights which?

Hurt him back there's nothing wrong with the way she's working that I've been waiting quite a long time for y'all here it's about. Damn time you put some stock in to me you'll! Read this part so remove your fucking bar threw me in the back yes bitches?

Practice on this madness that is where your status is like you can't dance. Champion sorry batsman is enhancing and expansion well to my legs give out can't shut my mouth: To the smoke clears out and my heart I'm gonna rip this shit to my bones:

That comes up to the night's go back to my legs give out can't shut my mouth to the smoke? Clears out and my heart my bones collapse yeah it's our time to shine show that's.

The kind of state of mind you got a combined with hard-working time you gotta climb to the top don't. Let yourself drop to your heart stops let this beat Rock got a new clock in a new rock taking that crown. From you break break break it on for you attack with no questions.

In my own section and they still disconnected cuz their minds been infected.

And they're filled with objection to fill for recollection so we're. Losing all the tension they don't know I'm in contention cuz I'm feeling in my no pain come all to my domain. So let me break break break it off to you taking that crown from you to you taking that from you taking that crown from you hyah so?

Let me break break break it on to you taking that crown from you you're gonna be you can't be the one not. Safe they're gonna be the bar tonight. Oh you have to be the one.

That saves you've always been the one yeah never change right like: Real life stays no but you're off till spring you wanna stay young but you pay the time change.

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает 2020

And I know it sounds dumb but be the same way I wanna be the one that you take away that we could. Just run somewhere far away and never look back you're gonna be. The one that saves me you're gonna be the one that saves me you're gonna be the one anybody please.

Don't make you stir together take a breath don't know well / - and yet but I'm bad. I'm bad I won't regret you're gonna be the one that saves.

Me you're gonna be the one that saves.

Me you just I was gonna be easy sometimes make me wanna. Baby I know I'm not perfect but there ain't no meaning you're gonna be the one that.

Says me you're gonna be the one I say you're gonna be the one now you have?

To be wrong and I just wanna go somewhere! Where I could just rocket just lose my racket just sky a scotch on the rocks. Throws my thoughts and slows down time I think I'll be just.

It's broken parties yeah I'm feeling moss not found I fell in love his sounds and I don't really think that kinds. I'm married to the beat right now I'm feeling boss not fine I'm drowning in the bass right now I listen like a child I found. Addicted to the park right now and I had the time just keeps on moving.

I don't know why it feels like it's looping I knew what I was doing and I keep my soul.

Sometimes I never feel like I could say I don't know why this where just. Wants to make way I don't know why despair just wants to make I'm feeling. More found I fell in love with sounds and not on really think:

Музыка для фитнеса 2020

That comes I'm married to the beat right now I'm feeling boss I'm drowning in the bass right now I listen. Like a child I found addicted to the plug right now and I can feel your pain now I never. Got the chance to explain nothing ever quite feels the same I wish I could just forget your name like glasses just out of practice!

Maybe you could pass this last car life we live then. We just we might as well try not only get by but you're in the sky brother.

Long enough think it's time now for me to face it all every second for some time now or need of a seed.

Or every second going by a boozer try. Take it on long enough biggest time now every second going by loose. In time now it's time you take - the curse every second.

Going by I was in time down? It's time they see every second going by bus in time now they start you. Taking on see no to strike no to strike wherever.

Love goes there is also misery it's not mystery and you and I we got history: Yay wherever left flows there is also tragedy when we're in too deep and you and I we got history in the mirror. Say hey I'm sorry for all the pain side Oh I love it with.

The memories like a symphony you and I we got history yeah and when you're alone! Do you say my name or you say her name?

I love it we got mister Oh the way to go Oh yeah No here let's go people:

Wanna dip to go one the hit and the no 1 the kiss I'm a so don't forget no shit I'm torn apart like it might. Be nothing all these scars you touch you gotta like Wow yeah they tell me keep on running.

Музыка для спорта 2020

Keep on throwing and punching I know I gotta go but I'm holding.

On to something in my mother-in-law that I gotta keep on shoving even when I'm low yeah I gotta keep it coming and I'm gone hope. It's been wrong never could look away never took his luck he's never learning. From their mistakes got a 40 yes you wanna count?

Gonna get it now shatter loud tell me younger proud always. Had your doubts it's too late it's too late I'm fucking done with you so far away far away from what you want I've been doing: My thing let amang leave me alone it's.

A trap trying to get me on the phone boy I'll never go back it's been too long yeah.

Put the words in the song and I'm gone and I'm gone and I'm gone ever coming back again yeah I'm never coming back it's. All like a might be coping the cut you cut stuck up give it up wasn't enough the cuffs left plugged in enough. I gotta go told you what got it go running away from your drama always.

Put on a show and I'm gonna leave now believe my budino my friends say giving me doubt in my head over there now like.

A plea doubt I'm never gonna let you back in believe me we're done now sold out you sold out all your friends when. That call mouths Indians still on the bail everything to do with cloud oh I know I know you're always right and I'm wrong I'm sick. Of listening to this single song but we were close just in it for the gain I ain't here to play these games.

So we turn another name on it's all good I'm all right I'm so fine.

I cut ties with your lies a new life look away you don't want to see me okay I got through. The pain mr. stuck on be insane like.

A might be Martha all the scar on everything you touch. Whoa like a mighty I'm not afraid come on the map is telling know where you can find the app journey: To permanant but it's something I never sleep stayin Freddie keep an.

Eye on for the face for the snake. Slowly clipping I'm pulling some shakes never go to battle if you plan to lose life they gave a chance to buy the planner move middle fingers up I'm not! A fan of rules right over the right to live in peace Schwarzer one cause the back for my team check out every mom between.

What I mean I'll pray to my name killing rabbits on my hanging but they changed for the fame never thought: I would nope can't keep me down lost. My thoughts for the caca drowned oh no can't have it now buried so deep I'm below the ground.

I go right here sound all on my own I can feel the now unknown so my heart pants cuz I don't understand what happens! That oh I blessed in peace beyond a lesser be working hard to better me looking back I'll never be let's? Go recklessly fighting to forget it's me I feel inside it's best to ring but I just nearly breaks the spell.

Freeman out cause I need ow myself. Right Neuer nearly breaks I tried to forget you help me back soon as you met you're always. Scared of what happens next I'm prepared so you feel regret I'm upset:

Cuz i'm wasting time i sat at the base when i should've climbed i stopped: With the chase you forgot the grind. I feel that a place empty inside oh god I never.

Won't amount to anything got me doubting everything you only knew a lesser me you're now my enemy wish! You never met with me work until the death of me so buddy nearly breaks I need there were:

Nearly boys I'll make it up in some: Work and belief mistakes but mistakes make you strong Charlie Sheen would be great and this is just a beginning I'm posing never nothing there.

Ain't no point in resisting every night got a team mother tied to the same on stage.

Here I'm scream oh okay this the dream and I pray as a deep black. Day salamé I'll make it thank you to see if I see to see salamé I'll make it thank. You yeah everybody knows that I'm breaking down everybody knows I ain't fake your nether everybody knows my heart shaking now yeah she hates.

Me now I'm in mistakes banana I don't ever wanna be a lounge I don't really ever feel at home on my own in this zone that's the. Only way I go feeling out that's a blow.

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