Лучшая Музыка для Тренировок Mix 2021 Тренажерный Зал Тренировки Мотивация Музыка p147 EDM Hiphop

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Лучшая Музыка для Тренировок Mix 2020 Тренажерный Зал Тренировки Мотивация Музыка p147 EDM Hiphop. Thanks for watching. I have a license to use this image.

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All right i wanna live in freedom i wanna dance with my demons i wanna drink for no reason and celebrate. Every season yeah y'all call my place the kingdom cause i got what you need? And honest feel weightless i'm wanted cause.

I've i'm lost i'd rather play for keeps than a fair trade i'd rather! Turn up the heat screw an ice age i'm about to crank up the speed call it upgrade i hate it i love it i'm nameless. And honest count i'm lost but i'm never bound you don't wanna fuck with me don't wanna test your luck with you better listen up closely mostly i'm.

The one and only bring it home:

Slowly enjoy the trophy patience is holy moly i got him hating on me like michael hates toby forced. Like a moe you know the one kenobi force fed baloney. By phone he's just wanna rule the world call:

Me mr steal your girl easy gave me the referral now he's worried about it yeah coming out strong i've been here for a long time. Started off online finish off all right they can call me crazy: Cause i rap like i got rabies i'm confident.

Not lazy and i'm dominating lately she want me like some pastries i'ma give it to these ladies. Like i'm hefner in my 80s i'm pushing up daisy fuck. With me don't wanna test your luck with me cause if you try to fuck with me i'll take all your.

Body parts to a fucking graveyard six you don't wanna fuck with me don't wanna test your luck with me cause if you?

Try to fuck with me i'll take on your body. Parts to a fucking graveyard why am i still waiting what are y'all debating. It's really irritating you hear what i'm saying fear god i'm shaking you won't ever find a fucker.

Like me in the making bite me and you'll break. Them your teeth will be vacant i don't need to be patient man i breed entertainment from the: Streets not a basement no see i've been baking like your mama's?

Castle while she makes me i turn on the radio when you hear some shit get broke.

I'll sleep if you don't post this and i won't be all these lyrics.

On my own you won't put me on the shelf every:

Punch that i throw i to a fucking graveyard six feet underground so i don't listen to the haters man i treat them like the enemy. Had a couple traitors never now they know the penalty.

I'll tell them see you later i do not need this jealousy when i broke down i don't belong: We gonna make it all the way we don't care foreign let's.

Go let's go here here we go chips let's. Go let's go me 46 right but for you i'll take a look don't.

Know what your mama took sweet and spicy like a cook yeah i'll keep it real let's make a deal buy you a meal. If you just let me feel get.

Out your heels grab on the wheel back to my place at the top of the hill don't have.

Regrets i know what's next she need a fresh i'll be back you got me feeling. Good yeah you got me feeling numb touching on your body.

Feels like taking on a drug you got me feeling good yeah you got me feeling. Numb everything you do i can't seem to get enough you got me girl what's your name! Lit me up just like a flame.

Body in motion i feel the commotion be on you like lotion i'm honest and broken i flow.

Like the ocean i feel you with chosen to fix me i'm: Broken my heart that you stolen hey stay with me play with me lay with me hate to see when you leave chemistry?

Feels like it's destiny you got me feeling good yeah you got me feeling! Numb touching on your body feels like taking on a drug you got me feeling good yeah.

You got me feeling numb everything you do i can't seem to get enough you got me feeling good yeah you got me feeling. Numb i keep on working got purpose and worth music's my cure in this world is my purse get rid of this. Curse with every verse of course i've been hurt but i'm not been much worse leave me alone.

Get out of my head walk out the opinions until: I am dead they all go to speak with you listen instead listen some more and you'll see to regret.

I keep on working i got it on track you gonna see my name up on the flag i sail the ship and i'll never. Come back i keep this bitch on the line to attack never look back i make a racket like crash top of my. Bracket i smash like a pack i'm about to stack it like it's gonna happen so bad it never changed myself i've always.

Stayed the same no doubt i've always played. The game all out and i am here to stay right:

Now so don't call it everyone's the same don't get caught up in their games just pick a lane and do your thing i don't just. Want to be great i'll be the best make everybody forget all the rest man i feel blessed bulletproof vests over.

My chest for the haters request i'll be okay i pick my lane i'ma stick to it like horses of fame:

This is the game that we all play and i'm gonna bring it i've always stayed the same no doubt i've always?

Played the game all out and i am here to stay right now so don't call it and when you feel like you're nothing but you wanna. Be something like you got nothing but doubt you're. Alone in the crowd just trying to figure it out all that is bad and this money got you.

Feeling left out listen up to me now every word that's. Out of my mouth just wake up it's me you're gonna follow your dreams or are you just gonna be another. Cardinal ain't nobody ever gonna try to change.

Me i'm dead pushing alone in up daisies i won't! Feel down i got hope right now and i know i'll be down i don't really care just what all.

Of the haters gotta say i know everything i do is gonna. Make em fade away i just want you to trust me if you wanna be something yeah take a look in the mirror. Are you seeing some fear you hear the voice in your.

Ear can you start to see clear are the bad thoughts.

Near or can you be where your feet are you when you stand right here and say no i'm never. Gonna give up i'm never gonna slow the one that doesn't. Don't go make me drop my shoulder you need to believe you can't achieve everything that you dream everything that.

You need is in the air that you breathe it's in the time that you bleed every second. Of life is another blessing to me hope i just want you to trust me if you wanna be something and then creeps out. But with a little bit of hope you can figure it out let's go ahead and when you're down inside?

Through the pain you fighting through the painful nights you keep striving: Keep trying keep driving rising keep thriving start vibing nothing's in your way but yourself? Don't need nobody's help you can make it through this hell take it one step at a time once if it's.

Your clown somehow don't let yourself down that's right sometimes all we really need is hope here we go off to a much better. Place off to a much better state take me away out of this space and i give. It all back to the people who lack got me on fleek.

Though you got me on flak start all the beef then you take it all back didn't believe now you see me on track? Keep up with me cause i never look. Back used to know me but i'm not like my past reinvent me like you wish.

That you had let's go i just wanna touch the sky west coast i just wanna feel alive i know the way i wanna feel. Inside and i go living through the painful nights but i know i'm coming. Out the other side and i know i wouldn't want another life oh no i love who i am is like you ain't?

Coming down go on and touch the sky get your feet off?

The ground now put your legs i just wanna. Want to live yeah everybody knows that i'm breaking down everybody knows i ain't faking now everybody knows my heart's vacant!

Now yeah she hates me now i made mistakes but now i don't ever. Want to be alone i don't really ever feel at home on my own in the zone that's the.

Only way i know feeling low about to blow back up everyone never. Let the doubt creep in gotta pop a couple more restaurants i don't think i'll ever let you.

In easier to break it off best friends i don't really: Understand myself i don't really understand need help i don't wanna be left on the shelf couldn't even hear me alone? Oh yeah let's go i don't wanna!

Break down i always feel like i can break now but i never let it take me to that. Place now i won't ever let my thoughts. Get away now i got better things to do picking fate now i just wanna be the best call me great.

Now i don't know if i'm okay or insane. Now i remember better days on the playground hoping i could!

Find my way even when i'm facing down i fight even when i don't know what is right. I'ma pick a side and i'ma never give up that was i'm always.

I'm all right it's so cold outside uh do you're never gonna make it you're. Not good enough there's a million other people with the same stuff you really. Think you're different man you must be kidding think you're gonna hit it but you just don't get it it's impossible it's not probable you're responsible:

Too many obstacles you gotta stop it yo you gotta take it slow: You can't be a pro don't waste. Your time no more who the fuck are you to tell me what to do i don't give a damn if you say you disapprove i'm gonna make my move.

I'm gonna make it soon and i'll do it because it's what i wanna fucking. Do cause all these opinions and all these positions they come in in millions they're blocking! Your vision but no you can't listen that shit is all fiction cause you hold the power as long as you're make dreaming and maybe.

You can fake it but you're never gonna make it are you just gonna take that he's gonna take: That make him take it all back don't tell me you believe.

That are you just gonna take that will you fucking fight back holy fucking fight shit you ain't gonna? Make it you ain't never ever gonna break it you can never beat them and they're. Better than you face it thinking that they giving him you're not thinking straight.

Kid no they don't give a damn you got what i'm saying i'm not fucking playing. I'll keep it to you straight man there's too many others and you're not that great man stop what you're saying. Stop what you're making everybody here knows that you're just freaking.

Nah i don't wanna hear it anymore i don't wanna hear:

It anymore all these fucking thoughts they are not what i need anymore i'm about to shut the motherfucking door on all you poor. Ass haters we get heads in the clouds!

Talking out loud so proud you better shoot your goddamn.

Mouth speak out it's about are you just gonna take that make them take it all.

Back don't tell me you believe that are you just gonna take that oh will!

You fucking fight that a really fucking fight so yo it's hard days and it's hard lunch sometimes. I don't know what to say hits me all at once my pride is getting in the way and i'm on the run scared? That things are gonna change what will i become no i can take it sometimes that's.

Why i still the same when i was not okay i'll figure are i just listen to the beat try to restart i just listen to the. Beat like it's your heart so far i can't seem? To let down my younger yeah i'm defensive for a reason hiding on my beam it's affected by the seasons just be forgiving.

And who i am and if i was the one to stay i want nothing else yeah i take a cold hard.

Look at the world now on my hand yeah got a plan now imma help me to change. Cuz i can now here i stand there take my hand now no pain no gain no shame work hard play hard. Okay i think i get it now don't wanna let him down i'mma take the ground and speak!

My mind down loud here i go proud of my notes teach em what i wrote teach. Em all to hope keep em on the road the road to the dream all i need.

Is a team build your own self-esteem you can do anything prove?

Everything say what you mean and believe in your dream find that thing that you love that you really want to be and don't.

Give up till you've given absolutely everything here give me a chance now to prove that you're something in your own head all these thoughts.

You're confronting we've all been there when you feel like you're nothing shut that shit down crush those thoughts!

And just trust me round two what's in your head now sometimes think you're better off dead now fuck that. Yeah you heard what i said now don't cop out make a plan instead. Now you got this one life here and now to feel the sun on your.

Skin and to see the clouds there's nothing out there quite like living singing. Simple things watch your kid and you'll get it there's no heaven.

But a damn close second can always find someone. Who hasn't much better but i can also find someone that has it much worse is to cut that for do you have that curse.

Turn it all around put your mind in reverse when everything hurts go listen. To these words your life on this earth has so much worth you just have to find the right state. Of mind that works your own cheers all these thoughts you're:

Confronting we've all been there when you feel like you're nothing shut that shit down crush:

Those thoughts and just trust me don't let me down yes i think back to all the better days. When i used to be young and free i remember her like it was yesterday she was so beautiful. To me in my mind sometimes i'll run away to this time back in history she reminds me of summertime way back in 2003 hey she was.

A cutie in a sundress i told her i just had to confess i got a crush: On you i got in the long term.

When i used to be young and free. I remember her like it was yesterday she was so beautiful to me in my mind sometimes i'll run away.

Back in history she reminds me of the summertime back to my place when i used to be young and free i remember? Her like it was yesterday she was so beautiful to me in my mind sometimes i'll run away. To this time back in history she reminds me of the summertime way back in 2003. i never take doubt as a lesson i never.

Second guess it take negativity and reject it i got my mind blind. To rejection so i'll be just fine don't be wasting any time with discretion i run this campaign like i'm running an election? About this champagne like we're not in a recession.

I feel no damn pain i've european is a blessing feeling. Pumping through my veins got me feeling like i'm flexing? Yeah i'm in motion i'm obsessive like the ocean i'm relentless no promotion still progressing overdosing.

On these lessons and these words my only weapon cut you deep oh yeah? Threat and feel the heat and all the tension need relief from this session but i keep myself progressing cause i creep. Around so presents i don't sleep enough you guessed it.

Every second is a blessing got no time to be depressed: On this grind to always stress so i work harder than the rest that always said to do my best my self i can count.

On no one else and i do not need your help i was told. To show not tell i don't ever doubt. Myself i can count on no one else and i do not need!

Your help i was told to show not tell so watch me aggressive. Got me on the straight offensive you can't stop this strange direction cause. It runs without an engine but when did i fail to mention that i need all your attention.

Cause we're failing in retention listen up we're.

Just forgetting here to spit perfection i embrace. My imperfections i just want all that if you want it then you got to get it cause! When i'm on my death bed no i will not regret it you.

Only got one life one shot don't let it step. Away today get up and make a big change get off your ass and take some action. Bitch start acting like you want this shit cuz passionate compassionate too many people want this shit it's not enough:

Your talented you have to fucking grab it i'm sick of being adequate another college graduate. Just looking for an advocate to hire me to pack your shit.

You want it take a s and i do not need your help i was told to show not tell i don't ever doubt. Myself i can count on no one else and i do not need your help i was told to show not tell so watch.

Me don't watch me myself and i do not need your help get the fuck know that imma stay loud down and up the nose the.

Haters always thinking that they could fucking break me they're better off eating their own words. Like pastries hate me and you better find some fucking safety i'm coming in hot like a bad bitch:

This way and i will not forgive those who hold me and i will down miss! Just take it down you got one life so leave it right keep your friends tight and your family inside never cease to fight:

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