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Лучшая Музыка для Тренировок Mix 2020 🔥 Тренажерный Зал Тренировки Мотивация Музыка. ▽ Follow : GYM - SRENGTH. ► Thank you watching video. DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!! ► Bodybuilding Music now by clicking on logo in the lower right corner of this video. As a subscriber you get immediate information on new videos we are posting. We make these videos to encourage people and inspire them to practice better. We do not own the clips and music we use in most cases. If the owner of the content clip wants us to remove the video, we will do as quickly as possible. Please feel free to send us if you have any concerns at YouTube's private messaging system. Thank you very much.

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I'm coming right away thank you trolls foreign everything coming. Won't you wait for me so thank you uh was oh hey don't stop me boom stranded in the. Open dried out tears of sorrow lacking all emotion staring down the barrel waiting for the final gates to open tomorrow.

Uh down okay so dog we've got to turn we've got to go go oh we bought foreign. We've got to tell you go go oh oh boxing to more um uh listen oh uh i uh um.

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The world has been broken is i. Could show you just uh uh the final:

Could is you how to uh what you gonna do what you gonna do what you gonna do i can never. Ever find the right words and there's no way this is real. Life there's no telling you're the right.

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает 2020

Girl so i can only say that it feels right it feels right it feels? Right yeah that it feels right then it feels right put me in perspective. I'm the deepest in the cut everybody i just wanna know what you're!

Gonna do with all of that ain't gotta and there's no way this is real life there's no telling you're the right girl so i can only say:

Музыка для фитнеса 2020

That it feels right it feels wrong downtrodden. Everybody tuning in but this is just for us now i wonder where such and i wonder: Where you are yes we're driving in is and i wonder where.

You are maybe you should take it yes maybe you should bye reaching for us all the way run free and dive into the sky hear the wind. I seem to be alive uh don't look behind. Your back change the light when the world is darker i have a dream where love's the only side.

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So take mine join the army of the sun standing in this standing. In the way join me join the standing in the way foreign daddy uh daddy um i gave you too! Much now i'm swallowed now i'm the fool while you're breaking rules dangerous path that'll follow.

Go on just do what you do let me please um um all of the pain seems to follow like a shadow dark and.

Музыка для кардио 2020

Cold to the touch go on just do what you do let me let me oh me oh oh can i break. This hole from you it would mean everything to me if i do tired of hearing excuses you're making future. Up me despite you wake up wake up tired of hearing?

Excuses you're making future wake up so oh oh you make me wanna talk back talk back to you say. You say it like that if i hate you then find someone new just like i don't.

Thank you a don't let me sleep. Never say you're sorry oh maybe but you know i never will know so i choked you down i don't: Thank you over the edge i am restricted.

Fixed upon fearless uh with exaggerated that's what gives us i want spent all fearless uh foreign. This moment can't look you in the face i feel paralyzed down no no it's over is oh this me foreign know bye so now um this so what. Oh oh so so thank you oh oh i'm a killer?

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