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Yeah I just want to be the greatest.

Everybody knows my name shit I'm I have this. Whore fucking came this feeling with the same wig and I'm gonna be famous ain't nobody able to delay this coming.

Up and a vision to make he never wanted: To be nothing always wanted the places in class always wondering why I love the stranger now the hell am i different if we are.

On the same shit I never let them tell me it's about me keep my head tell them I'm now speak this will:

Ground me they all about the CLABSI with the crowd every time I speak loudly. They more about me men you know. Got a penalty on these lousy haters that surround:

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Me so they doubt me they don't know nothing follow me it's for the mouth breathe I'm gonna change that soon better. Watch out I just wanna be famous greatest I just wanna be famous and I'm not!

Playing any more games either put me on the charts I'll put you up in flames better recognize art. Cuz I don't forget names shoulda see me from the start coming at you like a train think about the fall! Apart every single fucking day seeing all these damn doors I will deserve Fame and I skip.

These gold bars while they spin now shit man I give this: Shit hard but it gave me back pain I'm gonna be a spectacle they skeptical but man I gotta can they. Call exceptional I do it all the tension no professional so I can make the decimal and credit default.

I'm not thinking in the saying that I'm calling? Insane I'm not ever gonna make it cuz the game is changed I'm gonna good enough. Bandulus dad okay tell me that shit again and then I just wanna be famous just wanna be the greatest.

And I just wanna be famous now wake up you got some shit to do it's a yam I don't care you've? Got some shit to prove cuz right now you ain't got.

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Nothing that big to lose so get your ass to work and don't you care hit you can't stop this some of Naxos minimize. The novice with promise made not just unconscious but I'm not just think I've lost in a garden spend all this still another little.

Grab this minimal in Barling under-budget minutes. Totally crawling cuz I'm nothing but I'm all in calling. I'll be sucking Jam and get it now you could be if you don't like it say it how bad you believe:

Me you can fight these keep my head and I keep on going down this make it somehow I believe. It when I write this first then I just wanna be famous I just wanna be the greatest and then. I just wanna be famous you're never.

Gonna make it you're not good enough. There's a million other people with the same self you really think you're different. Then you must be kidding think you're gonna hit it but you just don't.

Get it it's impossible it's not probable that you're responsible too many obstacles you gotta stop it don't you gotta. Take us though you can't be a promise.

Музыка для фитнеса 2020

You have no more who the fuck to you to tell me what to do I don't: Give a damn if you say you disapprove. I'm gonna make my move I'm gonna make it soon and I'll do it cause it's what I wanna fuck into you for these opinions.

And all these positions they come in and millions they.

Park in your vision but you can't listen that shit is on fixing. Cuz you want the power as long as you're dreaming but you're never gonna make are you just gonna take that all day but you just gotta take. Down a fucking fight back fuck advice so we're gonna make it we're never ever gonna.

Break here you can never beat him in the better. Than you face it because I think even him you're not. Gonna strike here nah they don't give it them you thought what I'm saying I'm not fucking playing not give it to you straight man to many.

Others and you're not that great man stop what you say yeah and stop what you're making everybody here knows that you just fruit! Through now I don't wanna hear it anymore I don't want to hear it anymore all these fucking. Boxy or not what I need any more motherfuckin talk cause you poor ass niggas get heads in the clouds fucking.

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Out laughs oh crap you bet you got a damn now far too much to say but she never gonna?

Make but you just gonna take that make them? Take it all tell me are you just gonna change we fucking fight okay bye shit there ain't an option so why be cautious I hope:

That you're watching don't try to stop this can work until I'm nauseous because. I will not quit no because I want this to stop check you not for me I don't keep a funky few got a call. Screen did you write anything really worth anything 200 grand later.

And we're better an option so why be cautious I hope that you're watching don't try to stop this work until I'm nauseous because. I will not quit no because I want this to stop shit high-speed wraps like a heart.

Attack fast fatal rot impacts past painful spots in fact our blast a soul! Box and Pat my back of my actions. Facto naps bribery ashes that attack with every words inactive:

Музыка для кардио 2020

Class that they share me said I got nothing to lose cuz I fought.

And felt the bruise now I'm not the one computer call the shots and they produce. Ain't boss I'm finally rules pick a new so birds do running the best oppose me through. A new abuse to be in use everybody wants a piece that talk.

Arrested peace that you're dead to me so please cell remember your discrete? Keep ready for defeat now I'm gonna make you bleed out listen? Don't repeat now and weed out all the week then it up you make a change to remember yesterday if you got something to say to meet your.

Momma for your grave cuz your life is just the same and? Nobody gonna change everybody stays the same so be different. I keep on moving forward I was getting closer.

March until it's over and just like a soldier actually moving I was getting closer it's ridiculous! I'm sitting in this ridiculous and limitless world under selfishness.

Shit got hits apologizes did I see one of their artists quickest people don't report your! Shit they love to hate but hate to live society you swing a minute and honestly I didn't promise me you.

Won't regret it wasted energy forget it don't look back go on and get it right the bullet just?

A bit bite your tongue you'll see shit major.

Erection fun to miss be a legend not a myth shit obnoxious that I'm conscious: But being honest is promise try to harness as an artist. A modest get some form quest I will not quit till 10,000 people going!

Off when I drop this I gotta make it down with a goddamn break you now Switek gotta pick your balance and the stage. With the crowd cuz I gotta figure it out I'm just honest and I'm loud say you're modest! But I'm proud know I never had a challenge is keeping.

Forward always getting closer March until it's over and just like a song actually by moving: For mocchi to us like if I'm moving forward always getting closer to the solver and just like.

A soldier if I'm moving forward I was getting closer I'm Marshall till it's over. The things we keep inside I know I'll be fine with where time wake up in every day give me a promise that I would make. It one day isn't noticed musics the only thing keeping me honest.

I know that I wanted I'm hoping I got it addicted.

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