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Лучшая Музыка для Тренировок Mix 2020 🔥 Тренажерный Зал Тренировки Мотивация Музыка. ▽ Follow Gym Motivation. ▶️Follow Videos by ANLLELA SAGRA. ▶️Follow Magic Records. All rights belong to their respective owners. If any owner of track/background used in this mix is unhappy, please do not report us, take your time to contact us. We will provide you proper credits or remove the video if you demand.

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I trying to protect your souls we i need you to listen i need you to hear. And don't show anything heroes tonight heroes tonight now yeah trying to this is this is boom everybody.

This is oh i'm all about that money sitting get true so do bye is is we're just listening we're existing easy you. Is we're just listening we're existing is uh fireflies a million little it brings.

Pieces back to life in your eyes i see something to believe in your. Hands are like a flame your problems baby tell me one more beautiful night.

Is baby tell me one more beautiful night tell. Me diamonds is i feel the heat as we collide like a fever that feels alright uh come. On turn the radio on it's friday is okay can we pretend that airplanes in the.

Night sky like shooting stars right when i was! Rapping for the hell of it but nowadays. We rapping to stay relevant i'm guessing that if we can make some wishes out of airplanes then maybe oh maybe:

I'll go back to the day before the politics and we caught a rap game and back when ain't nobody. Listen to my mixtape can make some wishes oh is you have one shot on stage which you got to play generic drops for days the people rage. Am i not insane can you stop and explain.

Why these drops are so lame is money buying you fame i'm fucking on i'm killing it with this. Song you haters can sing along or go back where you belong yeah there's nothing wrong with giving up moving shit till: My bones collapse till the roof comes?

Off till the lights go out till my legs give out can't shut my mouth till the. Smoke clears out and my heart corrects? Imma rip this shit till my bones collapse oh there's nothing wrong with the way that she's working that i just want that body bad come?

On baby bring it back i'm so gone faded off a 30 rack she's so long like a light switch flirting back there's nothing.

Wrong with the way that she's working: That i just want that body bad come on baby me i've been waiting quite a long time for y'all to hear me it's about. Damn time you put some stock into me you're either sponsoring me you're fucking bothering.

Me and the fact is we just practice on this madness that is shit till my bones collapse till the roof comes off till. The lights go out till my legs give out can't.

Shut my mouth till the smoke clears out and my heart compacts i'm gonna rip this shit till my bones collapse. Bye there's a million other people with the same stuff you really? Think you're different man you must be kidding think you're gonna hit it but you just don't get it it's impossible you're responsible.

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает

Too many obstacles you gotta stop it yo you. Gotta take it slow you can't be a pro don't waste your time no more.

For you to tell me what to do i don't give a damn if you say you disapprove. I'm gonna make my move i'm gonna make it soon and i'll do it because that's. What i wanna fucking do cause all these opinions and all these positions they come in in millions they blocking your.

Vision but no you can't listen that shit is so fiction cause you want the power as long as you're trying! To make it there's no way that you make it yeah maybe you can fake it don't tell me you believe that you just gonna. Take that who will you fucking fight i'm really fucking!

Fine not that great man stop what you're saying stop what you're making everybody here knows that you're. Just free nah i don't want to care anymore i don't want to hear it anymore. All these fucking thoughts they are not what i need anymore i'm about.

To shut the motherfucking door on all you foreign but you're never gonna are you just gonna. Take that who will you fucking fight.

Oh i have a dream that's all i need i they want the best of me now best of me now best of me now best of me they want! The best of me now best of.

Me now best of me now best. Of me oh i swear to god staying motivated teaching others what to do i'm staying focused: My mind is try ready they want the best of me now best.

Of me now best of me now best of me they want the! Best of me now best of me now best of me now best of me uh so it's a problem. I foreign shop fuck she so hello while.

You and me repeat this bittersweet heat is suffocating. I'm waiting and always hesitating kryptonite desires set my heart. Of fire hard on fire set my heart?

With crimson secrets and forbidden bliss can't stay still don't temptation within mistakes this bittersweet heat is suffocating and always hesitating. Kryptonite desires set my heart of my fire up so intoxicated that's ah shit i spit raps like a heart: Attack fast fatal heart impacts past painful.

Scars in fact i blast tasteful bonds and pass i backed up my actions. Fact don't ask grab reactions jack attack with every word and act with class. As they hear me snap i got nothing to lose cause i fought.

And felt the bruise now i'm not the one confused call the shots and they produce i ain't lost i'm finally loose! Pick a new silver excuse i need the views to boost me through!

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает 2020

A new abuse of being used everybody. Wants a peace now y'all can rest in peace now you're.

Dead to me so peace out remember you just get ready for defeat now. I'm gonna make you bleed out listen i'll repeat.

Now in weed out all the week now get up and make a change don't remember yesterday! If you got something to say speak your mind before your grave cause your life is yours to save ain't nobody.

Gonna change everybody stays the same so be different make a name huh i keep on moving forward always getting closer marching? Till it's over and just like a soldier i keep on moving forward always getting closer i'm marching till it's over it's.

Ridiculous i'm sitting this meticulous and limitless while others out there spitting shit? Got hits up on the charts and said i see why other artists quick as people don't rework as shit they love to hate.

But hate to live society you swing and miss and honestly i get it promise!

Me you won't regret it wasting energy forget it don't look back go on and get it bite the bullet. Just a bit bite your tongue and don't say shit make your actions hard to miss be a legend not a myth shit it's obnoxious!

That i'm conscious rapping honest as promised try to harness as an artist. Stay modest it's a long quest i will not quit till ten thousand people. Going off when i drop this i gotta make it now swear to god i'm breaking out swear to god i'll think about standing.

Stage with the crowd cause i got it figured out i'm just honest and i'm loud and just like a soldier i keep on moving. Forward i till it's over board now when she go down pussy girl one more round red a blue haitian.

Flag on me and that shots out to them so pounds got beat need a hundred rounds 187 don't you make a sound i came. In the b and i'm looking for friends i came in this big cause i came in the beach.

Oh now i'm looking like i need to take me a trip or something.

And they're right i said i gotta get to the money but they try to go though. You already know what a nigga that means that we never sleep and we got that gucci that product.

Музыка для фитнеса 2020

That had him dopey's beating that had him both go ahead and do these. Foreign so foreign uh just pull take me away tell me it's all gonna be okay i wanna feel like i'm still alive. Out and all i know is know you gotta.

Go i hate change and i hate being alone never! The same the beginning tell always it's all gonna be okay i wanna.

Feel like i'm still alive so mmm making? All the same mistakes and we know that we're no good.

Try to get my heart a break but it breaks and i stay home.

Telling myself give me pleasure will you come light in the foreign telling myself give me me it's hard i've. Been scarred from now fighting waking up stomach is starved i keep grinding 6 a.m life isn't hard i keep reciting it feels like i might.

Fall apart i keep trying sun's coming. Up and the glare is so blinding i'm sick of hearing and seeing all of the people? Whining you want something good then you better go put the timing:

You get what you pay for and time is money we coming it's prime. Time it's my time i got it i'll be just. Fine my mind you can't stop it give me a bond to climb and i'll top it grow yourself.

A spine got mine that's a promise take a deep breath! And head towards the darkness the light at the end wasn't put there by no novice my hand stands so welcome. To my office no time to repent we're.

Building the knife and we gonna make it out this half it ain't nobody. Stopping us no so watch me as i go watch me as i grow and we ain't gonna take it and we gon make it out this.

Long and ain't nobody stopping us no so watch me as i go watch i'm gonna. Rule this world one day y'all finna know the name i'm spitting game to the? People who decide our fate i'll make a name in history be one of the.

Greats i've got the traits that you need to get past the case! Man i don't wait i exceed every single day a different breed yeah! I put it on display got all i need and it's up inside my brain uh i will succeed cause i tell myself.

That every day y'all will concede and remember the name shout out to ford miner cause it's 50 pain but that five percent: Of pleasure's why i'm still in the game and i exceed every measure by hard work i'll explain it's early.

Музыка для спорта 2020

Mornings and late nights it's fighting sleep that's the hardest fight but when you sleep someone's passing by you better try harder and fight smarter? To go farther become your own monster called a self-starter:

And we gonna make it out this hall and ain't nobody stopping us no. So watch me as i go watch me as i grow and we ain't! Gonna take it and we gonna make it out this hall and ain't nobody stopping us no so watch.

Me as i go watch sure so all the good girls you take out for dinner all the good girls they don't pull? The trigger put all the bad girls they call it much quicker it's never too late to get down.

Just let your body go but the bad! Girls baby don't slow it down let's keep going just let your body go we'll take backstage backstage. Oh the good girls they keep the bad girls they keep shit warriors are brown.

Don't get caught in the mosh pit all these different chemicals are fucking up my visuals. Floods in my hands got slots on my gunners yeah we notoriously ain't no runners blood so my hands got slugs. On my guns and warriors you don't wanna follow me like never thought next i don't.

Care what i want i get what i need every single day i'm heading. Off to my dream and i get everything that. I damn well please i don't give a damn if you are listening to me cause i run it i'm the only.

One that really want it i'm the only one that's really on it i'm just being honest:

I'm just doing everything i promise because.

I want it better enough that i'ma make it as an artist and i know i'm not the. Smartest and i know i'm not the largest but i promise you that i'm gonna be the one to work the hardest cause: I promise you that i'm just getting started and i promise you that my skills!

Are getting up crank this shit up so loud sounds. Like we're sold out in front of the whole crowd control now take this shit too personally everybody got a different. Version of me everybody gotta be learning for me everybody wanna be working with me and i feel like there's uncertainty and urges you to find out:

What you wanna be but honestly we change. Our minds constantly so stop and breathe: Failure ain't an option so i'd be cautious i hope that you're watching don't try to stop this work until.

I'm nauseous cause i will not quit no because i want this don't try to stop me ain't an option i hope. That you're watching don't try to stop:

This don't try to stop me wow did you learn anything really worth anything. 200 later and we're not even working student loans worth more than.

What we're earning best lesson i learned is to keep on searching find your true passion. And get to work and better take action or you end up serving yeah that's a fact so you better.

Clean up no fact so you better grow yourself a sack and tell the world they can suck on that? Don't come back pack your bags you take a trip and don't relax you hit the switch and just attack you find your niche.

And make some racks don't hold everybody wake up it's time to break up with.

The life you made up it's time to trade. Up live the life you want now a life don't. Give up on your train it is what you deserved um failure ain't an option so i'd be cautious i hope that you're watching.

Don't try to stop this work until i'm nauseous cause i will not quit. No don't try to stop this don't try to stop me this don't? Try to stop me now everybody on the top got the same sound.

Everything i'm about to drop nigga name now yeah y'all don't really know y'all don't really.

Know y'all don't really know y'all don't really know yeah i ain't? Never gonna be the same now i'ma tear up this whole fucking game now yeah y'all don't really know.

Y'all don't really know y'all don't really know y'all don't really know i got so many bars called.

Kamikaze ain't nobody ever gonna ever stop me and i know that i could be. A little cocky that's the byproduct of hard work no it's not. Free i'm at a top speed i think you lost me do not cross me i keep dropping all these hits and i know that they.

Watching they keep showing up in my place always knocking knock knock. Bitch i'm standing right here been over.

Three years and then you just got here man get me a beer and open. Up the mirrors let me show you now what you've been missing for years call it premiere i could take a boy's:

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