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Oh oh so oh so one oh me oh okay you came to me so high light a fire like a mortar: Is i'm i've been fucking talking to these landscapes. Drinking any bad bitches jumping in the pool and they ain't got no no bruh hit her from the back pulling on the tracks and now.

She's screaming now no more they like savage while you got a 12 car garage and you only? Got six cars i wear the cake and how all my brothers um oh always asking where the coke had living. Like a rockstar smash out on a cop car sweeter than a pop-tart.

You know you were not hard i don't mean a hot chart man. But i used to drop hardly like a rock star i'm living like a rock star i've been.

Fucking hosting popping pillies and i feel just like my foreign? Is hello happy birthday is that's how it is oh room come on is some fairy? Was so this uh but i'm not superheroes just like just this this like this just like this is oh is me.

I'm letting is oh tell me so tell me cause i can't believe you're breaking me singing um so cause i can't. Believe you're breaking me oh singing no over the edge i feel like i'm flowing through. The air the pain i felt is painful all is my mind is breathing in freak out i'm finally.

Facing it all fearless with burning the bridge!

That keeps us the story's over now i must conclude i am. Conflicted spent all my life with with you have one shot on stage which you got to play generic drops.

For days still the people rage am i not insane can you stop and explain why these drops are so lame!

There's money buying your fame i'm fucking. On i'm killing it with this song you haters can sing along or go back where you belong yeah imma rip this.

Shit till my bones collapse till the roof comes off till the lights go out till. My legs give out can't shut my mouth till the smoke. Clears out and my heart relax imma rip this shit till my bones collapse i'm so gone.

Faded off a 30 rack she's so wrong like a light switch burning back there's nothing wrong with the way that she's working:

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает

That i just want that body bad come on baby bring it back i'm so gone faded off a 30 rack. She's so long like a light switch flirting back there's nothing. Wrong with the way that she's working that come on baby bring it back and the fact is we just practice on this.

Madness that is why your status is our advancement is enhancing and this new expansion is like!

A mission till the lights go out.

To my legs can't shut my mouth till the smoke collapsed uh you're never. Gonna make it you're not good enough there's a million other people with the same stuff. You really think you're different and you must be kidding think you're gonna hit it but you.

Just don't get it it's impossible it's not probable you're.

Responsible too many obstacles you gotta stop it yo you gotta take it slow you can't be a pro don't waste your time. No more who the fuck are you to tell me what to do i don't give a damn if you!

Say you disapprove i'm gonna make my move i'm gonna make it soon and i'll do it because. That's what i wanna fucking do cause all these opinions and all these positions they coming.

In millions they blocking your vision but no you can't. Listen that shit is all fiction cause! You hold are you just gonna take that oh will you fucking fight back ain't gonna make it you ain't never ever gonna:

Break it you can never beat em and they're better. Than you face it thinking that they giving them you're not like a straight kid no they don't give a damn you got what i'm. Saying i'm not fucking playing i'll keep it to you straight.

Man there's too many others and you're not that great man stop what you're! Saying stop what you're making everybody here knows that you're just freaking never gonna make are you just gonna:

Take that are you just gonna take that oh will you fucking fight back yeah she's got some nice long hair and you notice. She's a bad chick all the boys stare can't. Help it it's a habit clothes that she wear short?

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает 2020

Skirt and a jacket i just wanna get her all alone on a mattress i just wanna.

Have it i just gotta have it all around say her body is fantastic all natural.

Education so i need a private session if you get what i am saying and they say that she's. Not easy no she's really complicated but that only makes it better and it's got me so fixated.

And i'm not the type to wait around i've never hesitated but she's got i want baby show me i heard you look good when you're: Undressed i heard you like to get away i heard you like to stay out late i heard you had a couple boyfriends i heard they? Didn't treat you right i heard you're hated by your girlfriends?

Cause all the guys want you tonight yeah they say she's: Too hot they say she's too cold where she came from nobody. She's got the devil's eyes and they'll cut you like a weapon she's stuck in my mind like a bad obsession baby.

Show me baby show me great feeling like is okay here utility is foreign right here feeling!

Like your back is localized so no can't keep me down lost my thoughts feel like i could. Drown no no can't have it now buried so deep i'm below the ground i go where i hear the sound.

All on my own i can feel it now unknown so my heart pounds cause i don't understand. What happens now oh no i'd bless in peace be behind. A lesser me working hard to better me looking back i'll never be let's go recklessly itself right!

Now the mirror nearly breaks itself i'm screaming out cause i need help i tried to forget you held me back soon! As you met you were always scared of what happens next unprepared so you feel regret i'm upset! Cause i wasted time i sat at the base when i should have climbed i work until the mirror?

Nearly breaks itself i'm screaming out cause i need help cause i need help and i recall the past. Real vaguely i remember everything they'd say maybe knew exactly what i wanted to have fear of my innocence and you don't know my intent. And now you better back down cause i'm coming for you better back down cause i'm coming for you?

Better down is in the past i'm sick of feeling. Like i just keep chasing but that'll: Never be that fast just leave me alone i'll do it on my own and i will let them know when the lights shine.

Музыка для фитнеса 2020

Bright look pale as it goes to all i'm losing. My innocence coming for you hmm yeah and i feel the pain broken hearts that y'all feel the same:

And i don't want to be all alone just pull me me it's apart gonna be okay i wanna feel like i'm still alive! And all i know is i keep on i hate change and i hate being alone never. The same the beginning always loved it more yeah take me away.

Tell me it's all gonna be okay i wanna feel like i'm still!

Alive uh so me but it's too late now i remember. You and we were so young we were so dumb we would. Get drunk and then hook up we were okay we were all right staying?

Awake till the sun rise we were in love think with our hearts at the stars we were never apart drinking too young way too. Much fun out in the sun orbit when it's gone took you to prom dance to our song:

Dance all night long it's too late now i remember everything. And how careless we could be and how careless we could be and how late nights long.

Fights it felt right we we were careless. We were fearless we were reckless time was precious we love to waste time whiskey and time drinking all night asleep by your side finally.

Alive we would just drive never arrive our journey was live standing?

Out late testing our fate running away we live for old today what we're told we can't be controlled it's too late now i remember everything and. How careless we could be and how careless we could be and how and how careless let's go let's.

Go here all these bars that i spit chips let's go let's. Go 46 right she just wants to flirt so i flirt?

Right back i just put in work yeah i worked like that got me falling and it hurts yeah it hurts so bad all in and it's worth! Everything i have i could feel the butterflies multiply every time i meet your eyes amplify deep inside once i feel. Your skin on mine though i try i can't hide all the!

Музыка для спорта 2020

Ways i feel inside here everything i want in life she just wants to flirt so i flirt right back i just put in work yeah. I worked like that got me falling and it hurts yeah it hurts so bad all in and it's worth everything i have got.

A body i don't wanna think i just want to play keep me underneath the sheets while we sleep all day i just wanna. Feed everything i crave i recall the first day that i met you how could i forget you no i don't regret. You hope i don't upset you i miss staying.

In bed to your head up on my chest you would never second best boo sipping. On some liquor we remember all the good times live a little quicker. Thinking bigger wish we could climb look up in the mirror?

See and clear it for a first time just a couple sinners? Man i wish i could reverse time yeah we fake it till we make it or we break it off and hate it getting faded. Getting naked every time i feel impatient and sometimes i can't escape it i just wanna feel your shape.

And like my dreams i can't sit back i have to chase them she just wants to flirt so i flirt? Right back i just put in work yeah work like that got me falling and it hurts yeah it hurts so bad all in and. It's worth everything i have she just wants to flirt so i flirt right back i just put in work yeah i worked like that got?

Me falling and it hurts yeah it hurts so bad all in and it's worth? Everything i have everything i think the girls with their nails oh so i think the girls with their. Nails done now oh so like pastries hate me and you better find some fucking safety i'm coming?

In hard like a bad bitch and pasties they can't don't blame me no my mind's hazy and i will not forgive those who hold.

Me down just life so leave it right keep your friends tight. And your family in sight never cease to fight for the things you think are right cause you just might! Find you control your own mind hey you'll be fine hey just take your time hey enjoy and?

I will not forgive those who hold me down take it now will never yeah yeah let's go i'ma make a couple stacks? Do exactly what i want to mix a couple tracks. Get a lady that i'm drawn to turn up to the max get me faded till i'm gone dude.

I do what i want couldn't stop me if you wanted to i just work hard yet harder than. The rest some people say i'm lucky others saying that i'm blessed but i keep my head down cause i crave progress? You ain't never gonna stop me cause it's my conquest and i'm never gonna rest yeah and y'all don't know that i'm a soldier i always felt like.

I'm a loner when everybody thinks they know ya and y'all.

Don't even know ya and now i'm ready taking over and now i'm ready i'ma: Blow up hey i never grow up i keep working to the point. I throw up and if you cross me it was good to know ya i'm impatient i don't ever slow up no i never grow.

Up i don't need no help not i always felt like i'm a loner when everybody thinks they. Know ya and y'all don't even know i don't yeah and now i'm ready.

Taking over cause every day i'm getting closer and now i'm ready hey know i'm honest? And i'm coming for you be scared: Man i promise that i'm gonna make it somewhere as long.

As i'm conscious i'll be working hard to get there i am not a novice i'm gonna be the vessel prepare. Cause you know i'm honest and on the rise we're.

Just doing what we but instead you chose the real world yeah you've always been a sad fish oh you've always:

Been a bad chick i don't care if you got issues daddy left! But i'm with you so come with me ain't. Slowing down never don't care what they say.

We gonna do place when a new space see a new face in a few days move a new way to a new state that's great bringing this. Day for our next day oh you could have been a good girl but instead you chose the real world yeah you've always been a savage. Oh you've always been a bad chick i don't care if you got issues daddy left but i'm with you you come with:

Me oh you could've been a good girl: Come with me tell me that you love me tell me it was worth it all the pain.

You caused me i know that we weren't perfect. I feel i have a curse that nothing i do works and i know?

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