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Name is is follow me now one two three. Go so so thank foreign wake up everybody all right. All right tonight shake your body rock:

And dance welcome everybody oh so division class key one three five one three five so so one three five so um from okay. I guess i'm still high okay i high on you why don't.

We just go back back hey always! Please wow my baby and we'll fly away i'll fly with you so oh uh here i am once again once again?

Broken up inside broken up inside i told you everything is cause i can't.

Breathe foreign anymore broken up inside here i am is so is is foreign. Oh go ahead uh so my so who do you want foreign check this out oh cash. Uh see and i wanna show you nothing ever it we means take only foreign foreign and myself:

We'll see what it means let me we will ah it's getting close it's getting late it's getting. Close it's my favorite place it's getting close it's getting late it's getting close in my favorite.

Place place is is uh they getting close it's getting late it's getting close it's my favorite place? It's getting close it's getting late it's getting closer out do so.

Do do wow bye oh so so sleep yeah i just want to be the greatest everybody knows my name shit i might have this. Whole fucking game list spitting with the same wit and i'm gonna be famous ain't nobody. Able to delay this coming up i had a vision to make it never wanted to be nothing always.

Wanted to play shit in class always wondering why i love this name shit how the hell am i different if we all know the same. Shit i never let them down me it's about me keep my head down let my mouth speak they surround? Me they all about the clout see where the crowd bitch every time i speak loudly they more about me men.

You know i got a bounty on these lousy ass haters that surround me so they doubt me they don't know nothing! About me still their mouths free i'ma change that soon.

Better watch out now see the greatest and i'm not playing any more games either put me on the.

Charts so i'll put you up in flames better recognize art cause i don't forget names should.

Have seen me from the start coming at you like a train think i'm about to fall apart every single! Fucking day seeing all these damn stars with my well-deserved fame and i spit these gold bars while. They spitting out shit man i give this shit hard.

But it gives me back pain i wanna be a spectacle they skeptical but man i got the chemical exceptional?

I do it all intentional professional so i can make that decimal incredible i'm not thinking? Man they're saying that i've gone insane i'm not ever gonna make it cause the game has changed. I'm not good enough man no that's not okay tell me that shit again and i'll stop and i just wanna.

Be famous now wake up you got some. Shit to do it's 6 a.m i don't.

Care you got some shit to prove cause. Right now you ain't got nothing that big to lose so get your raps to work. And don't you dare hit soon can't stop this i'm obnoxious?

And i'm honest and novice with promise made monstrous i'm conscious but i'm not just think i've lost. It i've got it spitting all this still i'm not keep my head the greatest man i just wanna be famous you're never? Gonna make it you're not good enough there's a million other people with the same stuff you really think you're different.

Man you must be kidding think you're! Gonna hit it but you just don't. Get it it's impossible it's not probable you're responsible too many obstacles:

You gotta stop it though who the fuck are you to tell me what.

To do i don't give a damn if you say you disapprove i'm gonna: Make my move i'm gonna make it soon and i'll do it because that's.

What i wanna fucking do cause all these opinions: And all these positions they come in in millions they're blocking your vision but no you can't listen that.

Shit is all fiction cause you hold the power: As long as you're dreaming there's no way that you make it maybe you can fake it but.

You're never gonna make it are you just gonna take that fucking fight holy back fight. Ain't gonna make it you ain't never ever gonna break it you can never beat them and they're. Better than you face it thinking that they're giving them you're not think a straight kid no they don't.

Give a damn you got what i'm saying. I'm not fucking playing i'll keep it to you straight man there's too many others and you're not that great man stop what you're. Saying stop what you're making everybody here it's are you just gonna take that make them take it all back don't tell me you believe that?

Are you just gonna take that oh will you fucking fight back i don't. Get what i want i get what i need every single day i'm heading off to my dream and i get everything.

That i damn well please i don't give a damn if you are listening. To me cause i run it i'm the only one that really want it i'm the only one that's really got it i'm just being honest.

I'm just doing everything i promise because i want it better enough: That i'm gonna make it as an artist and. I know i'm not the smartest and i know i'm not the largest.

But i promise you that i'ma be the one to work the hardest cause i promise you that i'm just getting started. And i promise you that my skills. Are getting sharper so imma get charted.

Can't be guarded nah i'm the one to get retarded get the party started. Yeah get the party started yes let me get up on it yeah bitch you got me fucked up i don't.

Know what's up pour that shit in my cup we bout to turn:

Up crank this shit up so loud sounds! Like we're sold out in front of a whole crowd now take this shit too personally.

Everybody got a different version of me everybody gotta be learning for me everybody wanna be working. With me and i feel like there's uncertainty and urgency to find out what you wanna. Be but honestly we change our minds constantly so stop and breathe um failure.

Ain't an option so i'd be cautious? I hope that you're watching don't try to stop this. Work until i'm nauseous cause i will not quit no because?

I want this don't try to stop me cautious i hope that you're:

Watching don't try to stop me fuck did you learn anything! Really worth anything 200 later and we're not even working student loans worth more than what we're earning best lesson i learned is to keep. On searching find your true passion and get to work and better take action or you end up serving yeah that's.

A fact so you better clean up no fact so you better grow yourself.

A sack and tell the world they can suck on that don't come back pack your bags. You take your trip and don't relax. You hit the switch and just attack you find your niche and make some racks everybody.

Wake up it's time to break up with the like you made.

Up it's time to trade up live the life i'll give you one that's coming from an entrepreneur don't: Give up on your dream it is what you deserved oh failure:

Ain't an option so i'd be cautious i hope that you're watching don't. Try to stop this work until i'm nauseous cause i will not quit no because i want this don't try to stop me cautious i hope that. You're watching don't try to stop this because don't try to stop me be don't try to stop this work until i'm.

Nauseous because i will not quit no because i want this don't try to stop me now yeah i spit raps like a heart. Attack fast fatal heart impacts past painful. Scars in fact i blast tasteful bonds and pass i back up my actions fact don't ask grab reactions jacked.

Attack with every word and act with class as they hear me i got nothing to lose.

Cause i fought and felt the bruise now i'm not the one confused call the shots. And they produce i ain't lost i'm!

Finally loose pick a noose over excuse i need the views to boost me to a new abuse of being used everybody: Wants a peace now y'all can rest in peace. Now you're dead to me so peace out remember you're just freaked.

Out get ready for defeat now i'm gonna make you bleed out listen or repeat now in weed out all. The week now get up and make a change don't: Remember yesterday if you got something to say speak your mind before your grave cause your life.

Is just to same ain't nobody gonna change everybody stays the same so be different make a name huh i keep on moving forward march until it's. Over and just like a soldier i keep on moving forward i just it's ridiculous i'm spitting! This meticulous and limitless while others out there spitting shit got hits upon the charges i see why shit they love to hate but hate.

To live society you swing and miss and honestly i did it promise?

Me you won't regret it wasting energy forget it don't look back go on and get it bite the bullet just. A bit bite your tongue and don't say shit make your actions hard to miss be a legend: Not a myth yeah it's obnoxious that i'm conscious rapping on it says promise try to harness as an artist.

Stay modest it's a long quest i will not quit till 10 000 people going off when i drop this i gotta make it now swear.

To god i'm breaking out swear to god i'll think about standing stage with the crowd. Cause i got it figured out i'm just honest and i'm? Loud saying modest but i'm proud no i never had a doubt yet keep on moving and just like a soldier:

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