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You're never gonna make it you're not good enough. There's a million other people with the same stuff you really think you're different man you must be kidding think?

You're gonna hit it but you just don't get it it's impossible. It's not probable you're responsible too many.

Obstacles you gotta stop it yo you gotta take it slow you can't be a pro don't waste your time. No more who the fuck are you to tell me what to do i don't give a damn if you say you. Disapprove i'm gonna make my move i'm gonna make it soon and i'll do it because that's what i wanna fucking do cause all these opinions and all these:

Positions they come in in millions they're blocking your vision. But no you can't listen that shit is all fiction cause you hold the power as long as you're dreaming but you're never.

Gonna make it are you just gonna take that make them take it all back don't tell are you me gonna take that.

Will you fucking fight back holy fucking. Fight you ain't gonna make it you ain't never ever gonna break it you can never beat them and they're better: Than you face it thinking that they're giving them you're not thinking straight kid no they don't give a damn.

You got what i'm saying i'm not fucking playing i'll keep it to you straight man there's too many: Others and you're not that great man stop what you're saying stop what you're making everybody here knows that!

You just freaked out nah i don't wanna hear it anymore i don't wanna hear it anymore all these fucking?

Thoughts they are not what i need anymore i'm about to shut the motherfucking door on all you poor ass haters. We get heads in the clouds talking out loud you better.

But you're never gonna are you just gonna take that oh will you fucking fight. Back holy fucking fight so oh always do it on my own so i gotta get through it and the. Only thing i know is to love what i'm doing never give up never slow till i finally?

Prove it never listen to the nose. I just wanna keep moving keep my head up when i act head up that's a fact never. Looking back imma keep myself on track keep my head up staying strong always moving:

On feel i don't belong tell my thoughts to move along?

Push myself to be the best die with no regrets live with every breath.

See my message stop to spread never give up never slow till i finally prove? It never listen to the no's i just wanna. Keep moving yeah i put out all this hard it's my only medicine yeah everything i do i'm just being genuine yeah i'm sick of being.

Screwed feel my own how you can get let's: Do and the only thing i know is to love what i'm doing. Never give up never slow till i finally prove it never listen.

To the no's i just wanna keep moving.

Yeah i put out all this hard um hooks. Got me feeling like a rook i don't do it by the book but for you i'll take a look don't know what your mama took. Sweet and spicy like a cook yeah i'll keep.

It real let's make a deal buy. You a meal if you just let me feel get out your heels you got me feeling numb everything you do i can't. Seem to get enough you got me feeling?

Good yeah you got me feeling numb touching on your body feels like taking. On a drug you got me feeling good yeah you don't you dare take it away can't control what i say lost my mind cause your frame hey girl what's.

Your name lit me up just like the flame body emotion i feel the commotion! Be on you like lotion i'm honest and broken i flow like the ocean i feel you with chosen. To fix me i'm broke in my heart that you're.

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Stalling hey stay with me play with me lay with me hate to:

See when you leave chemistry feels like it's. Destiny i just want you laying next to me and i really don't want you to lean on your body you got me feeling good yeah you. Got me feeling up everything you do i can't seem to get enough.

You got me feeling good yeah you got me feeling numb: Touching on your body feels like taking on a drug you got me feeling.

Good yeah you got me feeling numb you got me feeling: Good yeah you got me feeling numb yeah she's got some nice long hair and you notice she's. A magic all the boys stare can't help it it's a habit clothes her body is fantastic all natural.

Not a piece of fur is plastic head to her toes yeah they say. That she's alive yeah the whispers all around say she has a reputation don't believe it till i see it so i want: A demonstration and i've always learned it better with the hands on education so i need a private.

Session if you get what i am saying and they say that she's not easy no she's really: Complicated but that only makes it better and it's got me so fixated: And i'm not the type to wait around i've never hesitated but she's got me captivated baby show me i heard you look good when you're!

Undressed i heard you like to get away i heard! You like to stay out late i heard you had a couple boyfriends i heard they didn't treat you right i heard you're hated by your.

Girlfriend cause all the guys want you tonight yeah they say she's too hot they say she's! Too cold where she came from nobody really the devil's. Eyes and they'll cut you like a weapon she's stuck in my mind like a bad obsession.

Got bad intentions she likes to keep baby show me oh i'm me shit i spit raps like a heart attack fast fatal heart impacts past painful scars! In fact i blast tasteful bonds and pass i back up my actions fact don't ask grab! Reactions jack to attack with every word then act with class as they hear me step i got nothing to lose cause!

I fought and felt the bruise now i'm not the one confused call the shots and they produce i ain't lost i'm finally loose pick a noose:

Over excuse i need the views to boost me to a new abuse of being used everybody wants a peace.

Now y'all can rest in peace now you're dead to me so peace out remember. You discreet get ready for defeat now i'm! Gonna make you bleed out listen on repeat now in weed out all the week then.

Get up and make a change don't remember. Yesterday if you got something to say speak your mind before your grave cause your? Life is just the same ain't nobody gonna change everybody stays the same and just like a soldier.

I keep on moving forward always getting closer it's ridiculous i'm spitting this meticulous and limitless. While others out there spitting shit got hits upon the church i see why other artists quick.

As people don't rework as shit they love to hate but hate to live society. You swing and miss and honestly i get it promise me you won't regret it wasting energy forget: It don't look back go on and get it bite the bullet just a bit.

Bite your tongue and don't say shit make your actions hard to miss be a legend. Not a myth shit it's obnoxious that i'm conscious. Rapping on it says promise try to harness as an artist.

Stay modest it's a boring quest i will not.

Quit till ten thousand people going off when i drop this i gotta make it now swear. To god i'm breaking out swear to god i keep on moving forward marching till it's over and just? Like a soldier i keep on moving forward i keep on moving always getting closer i'm marching:

Till it's over i don't care what i want i get what i need every? Single day i'm heading off to my dream and i get everything that i damn well please i don't give a damn!

If you are listening to me cause i run it i'm the only one that really want it i'm the only one that's really? On it i'm just being honest i'm just doing everything i promise because i want it better enough that i make it as an artist. And i know i'm not the smartest and i know.

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I'm not the largest but i promise you that i'ma be the one to work the hardest cause i promise you. That i'm just getting started and i promise you that.

My skills are getting sharper so i'mma get charted can't be guarded nah i'm the one to get retarded. Get the party started yeah get the party.

Started yes let me get up on it yeah bitch you got me fucked up i don't know what's up pour that shit. In my cup we bout to turn up crank this.

Shit up so loud sounds out what you want to be but honestly. We change our minds constantly so stop and breathe failure.

Ain't an option so i'd be cautious. I hope that you're watching don't try to stop this work until! I'm nauseous cause i will not quit no because i want this don't.

Try to stop me cautious i hope that you're watching don't try to stop nauseous don't try to stop me did you learn anything really: Worth anything 200 later and we're not even working student. Loans worth more than what we're earning best lesson i learned is to keep on searching find your true passion and get to work and.

Better take action or you end up serving yeah that's a fact so you better clean up no fact so you better. Grow yourself a sack until the world nigga suck on that don't come back pack! Your bags you take a trip and go relax you hit the switch and just attack.

Just be your writ out wake up wake up man this life is a blur everyone's got an opinion: So which one you prefer cause i'll give you one that's coming. From an entrepreneur don't give up on your twin it is what you deserved um failure ain't an option.

So i'd be cautious i hope that. You're watching don't try to stop this work until. I'm nauseous cause i will not quit no because.

I want this don't try to stop don't try to stop me don't try to stop me now yeah everybody knows that i'm. Breaking down everybody knows i ain't faking!

Now everybody knows my heart's vacant now yeah she hates me now i made mistakes but.

Now i don't ever want to be alone i don't really ever feel at home on my own in the zone! That's the only way i wanna be left on the shelf couldn't even hear me if i yelled.

Outside it's so cold outside i'm alone uh yeah let's go i don't wanna break down i always feel like i can break now but?

I never let it take me to that place now i won't never let my thoughts get away now i got better things to do picking fate now. I just wanna be the best call me great now i don't know if i'm okay or insane now i remember better. Days on the playground hoping i could find my way even!

When i'm facing down i fight even when i don't know what is right i'ma. Pick a side and i'ma take pride i will decide my fate and i will never let them tell me who i am if you try to shape me i'll. Be damned planted on the ground is where i stand never give up that was i'm.

Always i'm all right it's so cold outside oh oh do but it's too late now i remember you and me and how careful. Drunk and then hook up we were okay we were! All right staying awake till the sun rise we were in love couldn't stop us like a good drug drinking too young.

Way too much fun out in the sun when it's gone took you to prom dance to our song dance. All night long till the lights come on is it's too late now i remember everything and how careless we could?

Be we were were so loud we had no doubt weekends.

And weekdays we'd spend our own way we were careless? We were fearless we time were precious. We love to waste time whiskey and blind drinking all night asleep by your side finally.

Alive we would just drive never arrive our journey was live we can't be controlled? Is it's too late now i remember everything and how careless we could be and how careless we yo all these.


Thoughts keep me up at night what am i doing did i do it right yeah all these thoughts keep me up at night i can't think.

Straight need the light i need to breathe get me up and out of the sheets under my feet another cup. Of coffee in me that's what i need my eyes.

Puffy i can't see i'm too tired to function but you lost to sleep hey i think i need to.

Be on something medication i think i need to figure out the segregation i think i needed just a better education: To understand the world that's so complicated intoxicated where my life is devastating feels so real that i wake up shaking? Do all these thoughts keep me up at night yeah i can't think straight need the light.

Yo all these thoughts keep me up at night what am i doing did i do it right. Yeah all these thoughts keep me up at night yeah i can't think straight need the light i don't really think i understand this world?

Now got my head spinning round in a circle everybody! Lacks what they need internal so they compensate with everything.

External not trying to throw shade no way i'm just trying to find the meaning of life hey this. Happiness if you try to live the right way forget about what others have! Now you just gotta get rid of the bad thoughts hating others cuz you know that they got a lot forget.

That though you got plenty you're alive in this. Life you got time go get it all these.

Lots keep me up at night yeah what am i doing. Did i do it right yeah all these thoughts keep me up at night keep me up at night yeah what!

Am i doing did i do it right yeah all these cars. Keep me up at night yeah i can't pick sway the bike do sometimes i'm feeling high but sometimes i'm feeling low i wanna! Stay inside i could call my bed my home i've been trapped inside my mind that's what keeps.

Me in the zone i think that i'll be fine but i do not really. Know yeah it's too late for me not too late for you to be great you see the pain is the devil that's in our. Ear let it push you to see more clear i don't want to think.

About the pain no more everybody's not the same we all open different doors yeah we've all got different brains.

That's what that's what pushes i know that? We all have fear in the back of our minds we hear the devil that's in our ear let it push you to see more? Clear i know that we all have fears so i ain't never then you know i fucking listen.

Cause i'm on a fucking mission then you got to be don't let. Others make you victims have get caught up in the millions cause i think that you're running y'all.

Can sit back and think you heard the best. Of me i can guarantee that you haven't seen the rest of me i can guarantee that this shit's gonna be my destiny.

And i will never say until i make it then i'll break the shit oh but you fucking with:

The best i don't even know what else to say let that 808 right out though yeah yeah i don't believe. In destiny i just do what's best for me don't listen. To my enemies they're just full of jealousy yeah this legacy you gon see what's left of me you gon see success.

In me you ain't seen the rest i just wanna be the best. At what i know better than the rest just watch me grow put me to the test and watch me go this is my quest.

Imma make it only call me obsessive. Oh i know call me selective with. My notes call me aggressive with my flow call me offensive even though i've won they say i'm way too obsessed and i've got nothing left and!

I'm not quite there yet but those words they'll regret? Cause i've got something left and i'm not giving in i will not let them win i won't stop till i've been through some injuries.

Mentally and physically studied them religiously so i don't repeat history and people won't admit to me they don't want a victory all this. No i'm not all right i'm just getting. Right but i'll tell you i'm just:

Fine so you leave me alone they say i'm way too obsessed and i've got nothing left and i'm not quite. There yet but those words they'll regret cause i've got something left and i'm not giving! Him i will not let him win i won't stop till so and when you feel like you're nothing.

But you wanna be something yeah all you really need is hope i just want you to trust me if you wanna alone in the crowd. Just trying to figure it out all that is bad and this money got you feeling left out listen up to me now every word!

Is out of my mouth just wake up it's me you're gonna follow your dreams or are you just gonna be another. Cognitive you feel the hope and to speak yeah the hope that you need to proceed and be exactly what you wanted to be okay alright and i'm.

Proud hype and i'm loud all about hope i just want you to trust you hear!

The voice in your ear can you start. To see clear are the bad thoughts near or can you be where. Your feet are yet when you stand right here and say no i'm never.

Gonna give up i'm never gonna slow the wonder doesn't. Give up never loses to a foe the one. That could show to myself i could go all the way to the top can't stop i'm a soldier always closer?

Till it's over older but i'm bolder moving forward motor never slow work good to know. Yeah don't go make me drop my shoulder. You need to believe you can't achieve everything that you dream?

Everything that you need is in the air that you breathe hope i drought. And then creeps out but with a little. Bit of hope you can figure it out let's go get head high even when you're down inside through the pain you're!

Fighting through the painful nights you keep striving keep trying keep driving.

Rising keep driving nothing's in your way but yourself don't need. Nobody's help you can make it through this hell take it one step at a time once up as your. Clown if you fail you'll be fine get back up to the grind and never lose sight of your mission be driven this life:

Is a prison if you don't have vision: You'll bring that's right sometimes all we really need is hope everybody on the top got the same sound everything i'm about to drop. Make a name now kamikaze ain't nobody ever gonna.

Ever stop me and i know that? I could be a little cocky that's: The byproduct of hard work no it's not free i'm at a top speed i think you.

Lost me do not cross me i keep dropping all these hits and i know that. They watching they keep showing up in my place always.

Knocking knock knock bitch i'm sitting right here been over three years and then you just: Gotta hear me get me a beer and open up the mirrors let me show you now what you've. Been missing for years call it premiere i could take a boy's name or take it up again and end snack.

Like it when i'm all up in there. I'm gonna win it like i win stacks every single that i'm in man has been fat these! Haters all get wrecked when i spit mags these haters all get bit in the pit fast you better!

Get cracked so you better move back y'all don't wanna play with the pro not today this whole fucking: Game now yeah y'all don't really know y'all don't really know y'all don't really know y'all don't really: Know no fear i'm standing right here eyes pier with my mind clear never look real only.

Up never down off the ground till. I'm found hear the sound listen to me now as the beat pounds every answer? My effort pouring out so you never have a doubt do you like me now am i good enough now should i get more loud till.

You hear the fucking sound oh no i'm losing my shit again having to fit again man i'm forgetting. When i used to have some friends. I used to play pretend we all grow up and then hating my phone and trends!

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