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I'm walking alone the streets are empty the only thing. I can see is tonight we will fly above the sky we are we heroes fly above you i feel.

Like don't show anything i've we are heroes tonight we will fly above the sky we are heroes heroes tonight is i've. Been flying from town to town from london to taiwan i've been all around the globe trying. To protect your soul i don't get what i want i get what i need every single day i'm heading off to my dream and i get.

Everything that i damn well please i don't give a damn if you are listening to me cause i run it i'm the only one that. Really want it i'm the only one that's really got it i'm just being.

Honest i'm just doing everything i promise cause. I want it better enough that i'm gonna make it as an artist and i know i'm not the smartest and i know:

I'm not the largest but i promise you that i'm gonna be the one that worked the hardest cause i promise. You that i'm just getting started and i promise you that my skills are getting.

Sharper so imma get charted can't be guarded nah i don't. Want to get retarded get the party started yeah get the party.

Started yes let me get up on it yeah bitch you got me fucked up i don't know what's up pour that shit in my cup we? Bout to turn up crank this shit up so loud urgency to find out what you want to be but honestly reaching our minds. Constantly so stop and breathe oh failure ain't an option.

So i'd be cautious i hope that you're watching don't try to stop this work until i'm nauseous.

Cause i will not quit no because. I want this don't try to stop me cautious i hope that you're watching this don't try to stop. Me be did you learn anything really.

Worth anything 200 later and we're not even working student.

Loans worth more than what we're earning best lesson i learned is to keep on searching find. Your true passion and get to work and better take action.

Or you end up serving yeah that's a fact so you better clean up your act so you better grow yourself a:

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает

Sack until the world nigga suck on that don't come!

Back pack your bags you take your trip and don't? Relax you hit the switch and just attack you find your niche and make some wrecks? Don't hold everybody wake up it's time to break up with the life you made up it's time to trade up live the life.

You want now a life you don't doubt i could give a fuck how.

Just get your grit out wake up wake up man this life is a blur everyone's got an opinion so which one.

You prefer cause i'll give you one that's coming from an entrepreneur don't give up on your dream! It is what you deserved oh failure ain't an option:

So i'd be cautious i hope that you're watching. Don't try to stop this work until i'm nauseous cause? I will not quit no because i want this!

Don't try don't try to stop me don't try to stop me now do um you stranded in the open dried: Out tears of sorrow lacking all emotion staring down the barrel waiting. For the final gates to open tomorrow moving with someone uh so uh you have one shot on stage which you got to play generic drops.

For days still the people rage am i not insane can you stop and explain why these!

Drops are so lame is money buying you fame i'm fucking on i'm killing it with this song you haters. Can sing along or go back where you belong yeah there's. Nothing wrong with giving up moving on cause.

Shit till my bones collapse till the. Roof comes off till the lights go out till my legs give out can't shut. My mouth till the smoke clears out and my heart corrects imma rip this shit.

Till my bones collapse up at i just want.

That body bad come on baby bring it back i'm so gone faded off a 30 rack she's so wrong like a light:

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает 2020

Switch flirting back there's nothing wrong with the way that she's working that i just want that body bad come on baby. Bring it i've been waiting quite a long time for y'all to hear me it's!

About damn time you put some stock into me you're either.

Sponsoring me you're fucking bothering me and the fact is we just practice on this madness that is rip this shit? Till my bones collapse till the roof comes off till the lights go out till my legs.

Give out can't shut my mouth till the smoke cruise out am i high perfect i'ma rip this shit till my bones collapse!

Oh when i throw down we gonna and we gonna make it all the way we don't care so yeah it's our time to shine show. That's the kind of state of mind you gotta combine with hard work and time you gotta.

Climb to the top don't let yourself drop till your heart stops let this beat rock got our new clock and a new stock. For this new rock just let your mind lose from the new stuck drunk off the goose.

Thinking that i'm too poor i'm getting.

Caught with a few thoughts cause i'm too fast speakers can't even handle.

Me give it what i got nobody can drain my energy and i will never stop but motivated by enemies stop dropping break it all down for. You no questions in my own section and they still disconnected cause their mind's been infected?

And they're filled with objection to filled for recollection so we're losing all attention they don't know i'm in contention cause:

I'm gaining their attention cause i'm making. A connection lyricism and aggression got me feeling my ascension in my passion my profession i'm attacking my. Obsession taking action and progressing ah i go off on the enemy that's what makes.

Them scared of me make my plans carefully then execute them daringly they say i yeah but that's? Why i'm effective see you can't predict my tendencies i offer no transparency some people think. I'm lost i just think i'll be a legend i'm.

Музыка для фитнеса 2020

Never gonna stop till i'm one above second and my thoughts at the top but my mind stay about.

The present it's about keeping me sane so i stay within my lane feel my blood bump through my veins feel the adrenaline no pain. Welcome all to my domain okay so let me break break.

Break it all down for you i never give it so let me break break break. It all down for you i ain't never giving up you know i'm gonna take take taking that crown! From you i ain't worried is i said maybe pain you wanna stay young but you feel the time change:

And i know it sounds dumb but i feel the same way i wanna.

Be the one that could take away your pain somewhere far away you're gonna.

Be the one that saves me ain't nobody you're. Gonna be the one that saves you're gonna be the one that saves me so so oh me hey lot more.

Are you oh hey we got to take you higher. And i just wanna go somewhere where i could just stay inside i think i'll!

Be just fine it's broken by design yeah i'm feeling lost not.

Found i fell in love with sounds and i don't really think. That counts i'm married to the beat right now i'm feeling lost not found i'm drowning in the base right now i listen like a drug.

I found addicted to the pluck right now and i can feel your pain now i never got the chance to explain how nothing ever quite.

Feels the same now i wish that i could just forget your name now take. My think it's time now for me to face it all every second going by i'm losing time?

Now it's time to take it on i'm okay i'm okay yeah there's no pain now there's no pain yeah i'm okay i'm okay i've: Been running long enough think it's time now for me to face it all every second. Going by i'm losing time now it's time to take it on i've:

Музыка для спорта 2020

Been running long enough think it's time now. For me to face it all every second going by i'm losing. Time now it's time to take it on first back to the curse hit me where it hurts everyone's the worst.

I only got myself i don't need any help already been through well i know that you could tell i only need a chance. I only need a plan i'm going all in and i'll do it cause i can feel like you're falling catch yourself. With my hand i'll pull you back up till your it hurts i feet:

Rehearse i purge the curse these words immerse my nerves i slur reverse. Then work reverse now i talk with intent i talk to the friend.

I talk to the world and i meant what i said i talk and i blend. A speech every second going by i'm losing time now it's time to take it on i've been running long enough.

Think it's time now for me to face it all every second! Going by i'm losing time now it's time to take it on i uh.

So listen uh um oh oh um these mortars. Have awakened we rise from our slumber focus fire now to strike hey so these waters fire now to strike:

Wherever love goes there is also misery.

It's no mystery and you and i we got history wherever! Love flows there is also tragedy when we're in too deep!

And you and i we got history! Go look in the mirror say hey i'm sorry for all the pains i'm sorry go look hey i'm sorry!

All the pain you and i we got history yeah and when you're. Alone do you say my name or you say her name so yes is yes. Is oh let's go let's go legit all i know is my shit here i go they.

Can win let's go let's go let's go if i know what i want and i right i'm feeling like i'm torn? Apart like i might be nothing you believe. In all these scars on everything you touching you got me like.

Wow tell me keep on running keep on throwing. And punching i know i gotta go but i'm holding on to something in my mind i know. That i gotta keep on shoving even when i'm low yeah i gotta keep it coming and i'm gone always been wrong never.

Could look away never took it slow he's never learning from their mistakes got a 40 ass if you wanna! Count gonna get it now shatter loud tell me all your pride always had your doubts it's too late.

It's too late i'm fucking done with you so far away far away from what you want i've been doing my thing let them. Hang leave me alone it's a trap trying to get me on the phone but i'll never go back it's been too long yeah it ends. Here with the words in this song and i'm gone and i'm gone and i'm gone ever coming back again you believe.

In all these scars stuck up give it up wasn't. Enough the cuffs left blood thin enough i gotta go told you i gotta go running away from your drama always.

Put on a show and i'm gonna leave now i believe now everything. That my friend said giving me doubt in.

My head no we're dead now like a bleed out i'm never gonna let you back in believe me we're done.

Now sold out you sold out all your friends run that cold mouth and the instill all about everything to do with cloud.

I know i know you're always right and i'm wrong i'm sick of listening to this same old song i thought: We were close you just in it for the game i ain't.

Here to play these games so each on oh i'm feeling like i'm torn apart like i might be nothing you believe. In all these scars oh i'm not afraid of getting physical all these different chemicals are fucking up my visuals bloods.

On my hands got slugs on my gunners notoriously is fucking boys you'll be surprised. Rules is never thought fucking boys so no can't keep me down lost my thoughts feel like i could drown no no can't have it now. Buried so deep i'm below the ground.

I go where i hear the sound. All on my own i can feel it now unknown so my heart pounds cause i don't understand!

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