Хип Хоп Музыка Для Тренировок Микс 2021 🔥 Тренажерный Зал Тренировки Мотивация М

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Хип Хоп Музыка Для Тренировок Микс 2020 🔥 Тренажерный Зал Тренировки Мотивация М. ▽ Follow Gym Motivation. ▶️Follow Videos by ANLLELA SAGRA. ▶️Follow Magic Records. All rights belong to their respective owners. If any owner of track/background used in this mix is unhappy, please do not report us, take your time to contact us. We will provide you proper credits or remove the video if you demand.

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Listen to my beats kick the bass yes yes here we go drop the base here the journey into sound into the light get ready three.

Two one let the bass kick bye yes yes here we go drop the base first.

Things first i'ma say all the i'm fired up and tired. Of the way that tell me what you things that i can eat i'm the one through the oh oh oh from the east side of. America where we choose pride of a character and we can bake sides but this is us this is us this is i live on the west side.

Of america where there's been lies in the fairy dust. And we can pick sides but this is us this is uh this. Is we don't believe the narcissism when everyone projects.

And expects you to listen to me ain't no mistake i live in a prison that i build. Myself it is my religion and they say that i am the sick boy easy to say when you don't take the risk boy i am:

Uh i'm a sick boy oh oh i'm sick that bottle shake that ass give me that jd whiskey whiskey that brown you have one shot.

On stage which you got to play generic drops for days still the people? Rage am i not insane can you stop and explain why these drops are so lame is money buying your there's nothing wrong with giving up moving.

On cause i think y'all got a problem she can't help but sing this out. To my song keep out can't shut my mouth till the smoke.

Grizzle and my heart harass imma rip this shit till my bones collapse. Till the roof comes off till the lights go out till my legs give out can't shut my mouth collapsed i'm so gone faded. Off a 30 rack she's so wrong like a light switch flirting back there's.

Nothing wrong with the way that she's working at i just want that body bad come on baby bring it back i'm so gone. Faded off a 30 rack come on baby bring it back me you're fucking bothering me and. The fact is we just practice on this madness that is why our status is our advancement is enhancing:

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает

And this new expansion is like a mission shit till my bones collapse till the roof comes: Off till the lights go out till my legs collapsed and you know we don't.

Really care cause we're just doing what. We oh you could have been a good girl but instead you chose a real world yeah you've always been a savage.

Oh you've always been a bad chick i don't! Care if you got issues daddy left but i'm with you so come with me ain't slowing down. Never don't care what they say we gonna do place rent a new space.

See a new face in a few days move a new way to a new state that's great? Bringing this day for our next day oh you could have been a good girl but instead you chose.

The real world yeah you've always been a savage oh you've always.

Been a bad shit i don't care if you got issues daddy left but i'm. With you come with me oh oh you is oh uh my um don't. Be wasting any time i got somewhere to be always on the grind.

Yeah you know me all the crowd will be mine you. Can call me ken a matter of time for you all of me finally at my! Plan right where i wanna be i'm one of a kind man so i'm gonna.

Mount it like an ex-girlfriend i'ma get it back if i could teach this: Shit man i really wish i could so listen up closely i'll give you a push i raise hell every. Time my lyrics pop up i take shots at the haters!

With assad off girl you better keep me up or not one shot all i got i will not a matter of time so you. See me up on forbes i can do this through. My music that's how i even the score i don't take.

A slow man i want it bad every single day i'll be carving: Out a path like a girl with a dad on her back all black time i take her right:

Мотивация динамика зашкаливает 2020

Back to my pad where it's at i don't never slack she knows. That she wants it so come quick baby know that i'm on it i don't. Quite climb there ain't no one like don't be wishing.

Any time i got somewhere to be me i know do so she just wants to flirt so i flirt right back: I just like some coffee we drink like a hobby like to get sloppy we ain't never stop? Shit i just wanna drink with this girl all day i don't.

Wanna think i just want to play tv how could i forget you no i don't regret you hope i don't. Upset you i miss laying in bed to your head up on my chest you would never second best boo sipping on some liquor we remember: All the good times live a little.

Quicker thinking bigger wish we could climb look up in the mirror seeing clear for a first time just a couple. Sinners man i wish i could reverse.

Time yeah we fake it till we make it or we break it off and hate it getting faded getting naked. Every time i feel impatient and sometimes i can't. Escape it i just wanna feel your shaping like my dreams i can't sit back i have to chase!

Them she just wants to flirt so i flirt right back i just put in work yeah i worked!

Like that got me falling and it hurts yeah it hurts so bad all in and. It's worth everything i have she just wants to flirt so i flirt right?

Back i just pointed work yeah i worked like that got me falling and it hurts yeah. It hurts so bad all in and it's worth everything i have sweet.

And spicy like a cook yeah i'll keep it real let's make a deal buy you a meal if you just let me feel get out. Your heels grab on the wheel back to my place! At the top of the hill don't have regrets i know what's next she need a fresh i'll be back in a sec look.

At the legs don't make me beg you got me feeling. Good yeah you got me feeling numb touching on your body feels like.

Музыка для фитнеса 2020

Taking on a drug you got me feeling good yeah you got me feeling numb everything you do i can't seem. To get enough you got me feeling: Good yeah you got me feeling numb i could look at you all day watch the.

Way them hips sway love your body so i pray don't you dare take it away can't control what i say lost my mind cause your frame hey girl. What's your name lit me up just like! The flame body in motion i feel the commotion be on you like lotion i'm honest.

And broken i flow like the ocean i feel you were chosen to fix me i'm broke in my heart that. You've stolen hey stay with me play with me lay with me hate to see when you leave chemistry feels. Like it's destiny i just want you laying next to me and i really don't want you got me feeling.

Good yeah you got me feeling numb i can't seem to get enough. You got me feeling good yeah you got me feeling numb hello we'd like to think we have some form of control still:

Making our constant binary choices and voicing our equally shallow opinions more loudly or quietly most people can't even decide? What color to wear or which burger to eat does it matter.

Man autonomy is an illusion autonomy is an illusion.

Oh so so most people can't even decide what color to wear or which burger to eat what the does it matter man autonomy?

Is an illusion autonomy is an illusion autonomous shit i spit raps like a heart attack fast fatal:

Heart impacts past painful scars in fact i blast tasteful bonds and pass i back up my actions fact don't. Ask grab reactions jacked attack with every.

Word then act with class as they hear.

Me snap i got nothing to lose cause i fought and felt the bruise now i'm not the one confused. Call the shots and they produce i ain't lost i'm finally loose pick a new silver.

Excuse i need the views to boost. Me to a new abuse of being used everybody wants a peace now y'all can rest in peace now you're!

Dead to me so peace out remember you just creeped out get ready for defeat? Now i'm gonna make you bleed out listen on repeat. Now in weed out all the week then get up and make a change don't remember yesterday if you got something to say speak your mind before.

Your grave cause your life is yours to save ain't nobody gonna change.

Everybody stays the same so be different and just like a soldier i keep on moving forward shit: They love to hate but hate to live society you swing and miss and honestly i get it promise. Me you won't regret it wasting energy forget it don't look.

Back go on and get it bite the bullet just.

A bit bite your tongue and don't say shit make your actions hard to miss be a legend. Not a myth yeah it's obnoxious that i'm conscious. Rapping on it says promise try to harness as an artist.

Stay modest it's a long quest i will not quit till ten thousand people going off when i drop this: I gotta make it now swear to god i'm breaking out swear to god i'll think about i keep on moving. Forward i keep on moving forward always getting closer?

Oh oh i want to say theater oh is yes is.

Is only come back always do it on my own so i gotta get through it and the only thing i know is to love what i'm. Doing never give up never slow till i finally prove it never listen to the nose i just wanna keep.

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