Бодибилдинг Мотивация Монстры массы

Бодибилдинг Мотивация  Монстры массы

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Bodybuilding has been a beautiful experience for me and they were continued for the rest of my life I only stopped competing.

But I'm not stopping bodybuilding thank you I was just overwhelmed by what the body could look like I couldn't? Believe it you know I have seen superheroes before you know in Batman is Superman in cartoons.

But I never saw in real life a physique look like that I just you know I marvel that and I just couldn't believe? That this was actually attainable this is definitely the best in the hardest sport I've ever tried in my entire life and I'm enjoying every minute. Of it was addicted the minute I picked up the gumbo I haven't.

Missed a training session I have in this meals my dedication for bodybuilding has always been a do or die approach. In bodybuilding you can't tiptoe your way through a workout you can't fake eating six and seven meals a day there's no way: You can properly recover by training hard and then going out partying all night it's all or not people don't know that.

Bodybuilding is real tough sport and you got you got wives and kids you got to keep happy you're trying: To keep yourself happy and you get a constant trade you have a state?

Focused on you know where you gather doing all this kind of stuff I just knew in my heart then I I'm gonna shock. The world without Jo his vision you know we were be here at a bodybuilding contest I would not have a career so I just have.

To say thank you for your vision and being legendary.

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