10 Tips for Motivation and Productivity During Lockdown

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In this video, I talk about my 10 tips for staying productive and motivated during these times of quarantine, self isolation, and lockdown. It's easy to get down on ourselves if we're not being productive because there's a lack of progress. However, we can get through this all together if we make conscious efforts to do certain things that keep us going. If you're like me and are in school trying to complete a degree, it can be even more difficult. My senior year at MIT is feeling more like online courses at Zoom University. We will all be able to get through this together, and hopefully this video will help you out in the meantime. Thank you for watching.

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This whole quarantine and self-isolation period has been a once-in-a-lifetime type experience: And if you're like me having to still find ways to stay motivated and productive enough. To complete my classes has been a struggle in this video I'll talk about ten quick tips to stay motivated?

And productive during this time I've tried to come up with my top ten reasons why I think. I've been able to maintain the mental energy needed to balance finishing up my last year of aerospace engineering at MIT working. As a founding member of an up-and-coming tech startup and continuing to grow this channel on YouTube this whole situation.

Mi techguy

Is really tough and we just have! To do our best to keep pushing forward we have to stay safe and for students out there we have to continue to learn and continue.

To progress in our academics huge shout out to Skillshare! For sponsoring this video and let's get right into it the first five tips I will talk about our tips that I think anyone could.

Mitech guy

Take right now and the last five are five tips specifically that I've used myself to really continue to stay motivated.

And productive so make sure to stick around for the entire.


Video to hear all of them so my first tip is to stay organized.

Right now you're not physically on campus so you're not physically walking around to various classes reminding! You where to be at different moments your brain. Doesn't have the usual triggers to tell you that you're supposed to be somewhere and if you're like me you have an extra level.


Of confusion added if you're in a different time zone everything could just be difficult to keep track of whether it's office? Hours recitations meetings or classes themselves so however.

You keep track of things the only way to stay? On top of everything is to stay organized for me I do this in a couple of ways first of all every night. I mentally break down everything that I need to do the next day breaking down everything usually eases stress:


Because if I can reasonably break everything.

Down into conservative portions of time the tasks seem a lot more manageable and the fact that I'm thinking about these tasks the night before! Just keeps everything working in my head a couple.


This mental roadmap with Google Calendar and we'll put meetings that I absolutely cannot miss there. So that I will be reminded 10 minutes before however you do your organizing whether it's. Through Google Calendar to-do lists or just mental.

Breakdowns staying organized is the first step to staying productive because there are tangible action plans my next tip is to become more.


Willing to do the little things in the moment let me explain. Throughout the day there are a bunch of little tasks that need to be done that might seem inconvenient.

Or a nuisance at the time these include things like cleaning your workspace! Washington dishes or doing the laundry and I say that when these things come up you should just do them as soon!

At home

As possible this way these smaller tasks don't combine into one more difficult?

And overwhelming task in the process your mind will become more. Free because you will feel as if you're making some sort of progress for myself doing these otherwise. Mindless productive tasks also give my mind some time to think through.


Action plans to tackle my other tasks like class projects assignments or work-related tasks as you bang out these smaller?

Tasks you'll feel a lot better because you're actually making some sort of progress. And you'll have more mental energy and free later in the day my third tip is to utilize the resources that should:

Self isolation

Very much still be there you may all be remote learning right now but I guarantee. You that there are staff members at that University or those specific classes where they're.

Just itching to help you you just have to reach out there are probably still office hours TAS on call and potential:


Meetings with your professors I understand that it's going to be a bit of a different type of a scenario where there aren't.

Going to be people already ready to ask questions and answer! Questions but I think putting yourself out there will actually benefit. You in the short and long term because you'll be able to ease this stress for that assignment or project:


That's really bothering you at that moment just because you're in isolation doesn't mean you have to feel isolated each school!

Hire specific people where their jobs are to help you out and you'll be surprised with how accommodating they are during these. Times they want to help but they have to know that you need help so you have to reach out personally I've already?


Gotten assignments extended and extra help from TAS so just ask my fourth tip is to work with your. Friends if you're like me you like to do work with people around whether. Was at our on-campus Dunkin Donuts or our various study spaces and lounges I typically did work in environments with other people.

Doing work this allows me to put myself.


In a work mindset because it's a lot easier to stay motivated when you see other people around you that are doing? Work as well with social distancing this has become much more challenging? To do but what I've done and seen done are remote work sessions if you typically work with someone for a specific class.

You can hop on to a zoom call and work through different problems: Together you'll be surprised at the various collaboration tools that zoom provides like the ability to airplay your iPad screen into the zoom call or the. Ability to annotate another person's screen even if you're working on completely different tasks is just having someone else on that call could prove.


To be very beneficial because as I've? Said before just seeing other people working motivates you to work more I call this doing work in solidarity and whenever? You need that quick mental break you could always just spark up a conversation just like you would if you weren't in isolation overall I've.

Seen that these situations just helped a lot in terms of increasing productivity my fifth. Tip revolves around the fact that many of us have. More time our hands I feel like a big aspect of motivation is having.

Something to look on in terms of progress to actually keep you going. For many circumstances a lack of motivation comes from a lack of progress so my fifth. Tip is to develop a new skill or enhance an old one having something to look forward.

To in terms of progress and positivity outside of your academics will allow you to stay motivated in moments where your academics could feel very: Stagnant so if you used to be into photography go pick up your camera and start shooting pictures again or if you've never gotten the chance. To learn something specific in the past now is the best time to do so for myself this YouTube channel:

Is a creative outlet where I'm able to see progress in another. Aspect of my life and I like to learn new things like color grading staging and storytelling. All of which that I can learn on Skillshare the proud.

Sponsor of today's video skill shares an online learning community. Where you can learn from thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people on topics including illustration design photography.

Video entrepreneurship and so much more these lessons can help you stay inspired express yourself and introduce you to a community. Of millions if you're worried about the future a creative challenge or productivity. Class may offer helpful structure for setting small goals where ultimately you could feel a sense of accomplishment I recommend classes like real.

Productivity how to build habits that last and going. Freelance building and branding your own success personally I've really! Enjoyed the class storytelling through film how to create engaging video for YouTube by Thomas Dyer the video editor behind the YouTube.

Channel yes theory I've learned ways to keep an audience engaged throughout an entire story I'm trying to convey the classes are curated specifically. For learning and skill share is always launching new premium: Classes so you can continue to learn the first 1,000 subscribers I click the link down the description below we'll get two months.

Free Premium Membership so you can explore your creativity: My sixth tip is to stay active for me a healthier body leads to a healthier mind as I put more stress: On myself with the different ventures and commitments that I am a part of I have to always:

Ensure that I work out in order.

To sweat my stress off I've mentioned this in a video that I will link here but essentially your stress needs. A way to physically leave your body whether through a sweat or through tears lockdown makes the day-to-day. Even more stagnant because you're not even walking between classes or to get lunch you're.

Just sitting at home and also you will not have access to an actual: Gym the thing is that their workouts for any constraint you may have even.

If you don't want to go outside for a run they're completely bodyweight? Exercises Zumba sessions or if you have resistance bands there!

Are exercises that use those too and these are all available on YouTube: Something as simple as working out 10 to 20 minutes every other day could prove to be very positive in terms of increasing! Your productivity and also giving yourself another!

Avenue to see some good progress being made my seventh! Tip is to be willing to take lazy. Days and by this I mean you shouldn't be hard on yourself if there's a day or two where you just aren't.

Productive I want to stress that you're:

Quarantine productivity levels aren't indicative of the person you are you got up to this point and have accomplished everything that you have accomplished up until.

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